Chapter 11 (Edited)

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I woke up due to the flashback I had. In my sixteen years of living I have been kidnapped many times between the ages of 5 and 12, the kidnappers would question me about dad or the mafia and when I don't answer they would torture me, and at first I felt pain but at the age of 8 I stopped feeling it it's like I'm immune to it, all thanks to dad and his torture trainings. Everyday when he tortures me there will be tears in his eyes, I  knew he didn't like doing it, he just did it to make me immune to physical pain so that when I'm tortured I don't feel it.

I had many scars all over my body due to the kidnapping torture and my dad's training torture that started when l was 5yrs old. But some of the scars are invisible/healed, the left ones I  made tattoos on top of them so they wouldn't show. The scars that healed and are invisible are the ones on my arms and legs. The ones I made tattoos out off are the ones on my back. My brothers haven't seen my tattoos yet.

Thinking of brothers now I notice they are not on the bed.

"Ari?... Aid?..." I called out but no one answered, they are obviously not in the room at all.

I checked the time on my phone and it was 11:53pm, that's surprising I slept more than 4 hours?.

What should I do now since I won't be able to go back to sleep?

You haven't told dad about the death of mom and about you leaving to leave with the uncles who are the American Mafia and they happen to hate anything that is linked with the Italian Mafia. my subconscious Lia said.

Oh merda I forgot. ( Shit )

I took my phone and went to our room's balcony. I scrolled through the contacts until my eyes stopped at a certain contact saved as 'Padre❤️' ( father ). I can't believe I will be talking to him for the first time after he sent me here. He told me to only call when I have something important to tell to avoid people's suspicions. He sent me here so that I could bond with my brothers and to confirm my death, so now everyone thinks that the Italian Mafia heir is dead, but no it was all papa's plan he knows what he is doing.

I pressed the call icon and the phone rang for a minute before it was answered by a familiar voice

Normal words=Alissa 
Bold words= Dad
Italics= Translation


"Ciao papá suo Iris" ( Hello dad its Iris)

"Iris bambina, come stai?" ( Iris baby, how are you?)

"Sto bene papá, come su di te?" ( I'm fine dad, how about you?" )

"Sto bene, comunque perché hai chiamato? è qualcosa di sbagliato?" ( I'm fine, anyways why did you call? is something wrong? )

"Bianca è morto quindi stiamo essendo inviato a vivere con il zii, sua fratelli chi sono il American Mafia la Rossis" (Bianca is dead so we are being sent to live with the uncles, her brothers who are the American Mafia the Rossis)

"Oh okay, lo so che puoi maneggiare che ma si prega di fare attenzione da quando mi sembri va bene?" ( I know you can handle that but please be careful since you look like me okay)

"Sì papá" ( yes dad )

"Mi manchi princepessa io veremente fare" ( I miss you princess l really do )

"Mi manchi anche papá" ( I miss you too dad )

"Arrivederci, ti amo" ( See you soon, l love you )

"Ti amo anche bye" ( I love you too )

Call ended

I miss my dad, I want him here with me. To other's eyes my dad is a psychopath who likes killing people but to me he is my hero and always will be.

I heard a knock from the door. Who could it be so late at night. I went to the door and opened it only to find no one when I looked down I saw a letter. I picked it up and went inside.

I opened the letter and read it

Dear lris

Have you missed me Iris? Who am I kidding I know you did. I missed you too. I see you have brothers ne, they are so handsome I might say. Wouldn't want anything to happen to them. Anyways see you soon.

Xoxo Rick

Of course it will be him out of all people, this mother fucker, I let him excape last time but I won't repeat the same mistake when I see him again, how dare he mention my brothers. The nerve of this prick. Rick was one of my regular kidnappers.

I need to get rid of my anger before it expands cause if it does it won't end so well for everyone.

I took my phone and texted my dad's 'friend' who became my trainer well more like someone who organises my fights since the day I came in Spain. I texted him about wanting to fight.

After some time he replied telling me there's a fight in about an hour.

I put on my black leggings, a sports bra and a jumper then I pick a gun and a knife not the golden ones along with my black mask to cover my face and walked out of the room but not before locking it.

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