Chapter 9 (Edited)

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We arrived at the table and sat down. Ari called for a waiter.

"How may I help you sir"the waiter asked Ari

"Serve me"Ari said. Oh no.

"What?"the poor waiter whose tag name was David said

"You asked how you may help me so I said serve me"Ari replied

"I don't understand sir" David said

"Do l look like I give two f*cks about whether you understanding or not?. Anyways you can't just say 'how may I help you sir' that's so cliche dude I mean you should say 'what can I get for you' and moreover can't you see this people or are you f*cking blind?" Ari said angrily and annoyed.

"I-I'm s-sorry s-sir "poor David stuttered

"I don't care about your apology, now go back and try again"Ari said.

"Wait" Aid stopped the poor David that was about to leave

"Yes s-sir" David asked Aid

"You don't need to listen to this idiot just do your job yeah"Aid said calmly.

David looked at Ari who was glaring at him. He shivered but composed himself.

"O-ok-ay s-ir"David said

"Will you stop stuttering it's annoying"Aid said harshly. Woah seems like someone is not in the mood huh. I mean if he was in the mood he would have apologized to David on behalf of Ari but he didn't do that rather he himself scared the poor David.

"Yes s-sir, what can I get for you all"he said. He looked like he wanted to run I pity him I really do.

Really cause it doesn't look like you pity him at all rather it looks like you're enjoying it. My subconscious that I named Lia said

Oh my Lia welcome back it's been like a month I last talked to you. Where have you been huh?.

Oh shut up I'm always here since we are the same person

Yeah yeah l missed you too

I know you may call me crazy and all since I'm talking to myself I don't actually give two shits.

"Ali... ALI"Aries snapped me out of my daze

"Yeah"I said

"Tell him what you order" he said

"What did you guys order"I asked him

"Well we ordered steak and chips and two coca cola drinks"he said.

"Okay I want umm.. chips, a burger and an oreo shake"I say looking at David

"Okay your orders will be here in a few, I'll take my leave" David said and turned to leave.

"Wait" I say and he stopped and looked at me "David right?"I asked and he nodded.

"Please pardon my brother's behavior they didn't mean to be harsh"I said calmly trying to make my cold voice sound sweet.

"It's okay ma'am" he said blushing hard when he looked at me.

"Hey buddy don't you dare look at my sister or else I will pluck your eyes out you hear me"Aries snapped at him

"Y-yes s-sir"David said

"Now scram"Aid said and the waiter run away.

"What was that about"Aid asked me and Aries nodded agreeing to his question, I just shrugged my shoulders.

After sometime our order came and we ate in silence and then we went to our room. When we got there we both changed into our matching pyjamas. Yep we always wear matching pyjamas, even clothes sometimes.

"Okay I'm going to sleep"I say and I was about to jump on the bed but Aid held my wrist.

"You know we are not done with our talk right?"Aid said

"What talk?"I asked playing innocent

"What are you guys bickering about"Aries who was sitting on the couch comfortable asked.

"Please Ali"Aid said ignoring Ari's question pleaded and I looked at him straight in the eyes before nodding my head.

"Okay let's sit down shall we"I said and he nodded and went to sit next to Aries and I sat on a one person couch opposite them so that I was face to face with them.

I looked around the room to see if there were any cameras or mics. I know you might ask how will I find them just by looking, well let me tell I'm trained too much trained so nothing can escape my eyes.

"So here is the thing you are only going to ask me three questions both only 3 no less no more. Deal?"I said to them and Aid nodded.

"Can someone please tell me what's f*cking going on?"Aries asked irritated.

"Okay fine, I will tell you. Ali told me that our uncles are the Rossis the American Mafia"Aid said

"WHAT!? But how?" Aries whisper yelled.

"She hacked into their files"Aid answered him

"Woah that's like impossible since the American mafia has many fire walls"Ari said amazed?

"So since our uncles are the American Mafia? Do they know that we are the Spanish mafia."Ari continued

"No I don't know but you can ask Ali I'm sure she knows right?"Aid said looking at me.

"l will answer all your 6 question, without lying"

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