Chapter 25

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"Put your seatbelts we are about to land. I repeat put your seatbelts we are about to land" the flight attendant said.

I sighed softly and put my seatbelt on. I wonder how my brothers will react when they see the letter I left for them.

After the plane landed I got off and smelled the fresh air of my home country. I walked through the crowd until I saw Martin with a board that read ALISSA ROMANO on it. I went over to him.

I nodded as a way of acknowledging him.

"Hello ma'am. Shall we leave" he said and I nodded again. We walked towards the car. He got inside the driver's seat and I in the back and started driving.

"Does he know I'm coming?" I asked looking outside the window.

"N- no ma'am I was scared to tell him that because he told us not to tell you about the attack." he said.

"How's he doing?"

"Still the same ma'am" he answered with fear in his voice. I nodded.

After sometime we arrived to our destination.


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he gate guards stopped the car. Martin rolled the driver's window a little bit.

"Yeah?" he said to the guards.

"Sir Martin you know we have to search everyone even you before getting inside. So will you please step out of the car". The first guard said.

"I know but today you can't do that" Martin said.

"Just step out of the car and let us do our job in peace" the second guard said annoyed.


"How dare you" A calm but dangerously voice sounded inside the car.

"Who are you? Sir Martin is that your secret lover? Tell her to show herself rather than hiding in your shadow" The second guard said.

'Don't worry bud I will pray for your soul to rest in peace cause you just landed in the lion's den' Martin who was sweating thought to himself.

The back car window was rolled down revealing a blonde beauty.

"Who do you think you are b*tc..." the second guard was about to finish but he was shot straight through his skull by Alissa who wasn't even looking at his direction.

"It's been a lonnnng time" Alissa said and finally looked at the guards.

"Will you open the gate now or.." Alissa said and smirked sending shivers through everyone's spine.

'Jesus this girl looks like Boss a lot even their auras are the same. Just who is she.' the first guard thought.

'She is sure Boss's daughter. Anyways may your soul rest in peace bud' Martin thought.

"Hello" Alissa said snapping everyone from their thoughts.

"B-but ma'am s-stran..." the first guard stuttered before he was cut off by Martin.

' I can't let him get killed too so let me just tell them who she is ' Martin thought.

"Her name is Alissa Iris De Leon, boss's only daughter and heir". Martin said.

The poor first guard stumbled back in surprise. All guards present at the gate were surprised and scared too.

"Are you planning on keeping me here?" Alissa calmly said with her expressionless face.

"I-I'm s-sorry m-ma'am y-you may get inside please f-forgive me" the first guard said shaking.

Martin got inside the gates to the parking lot.

"Did you hear that boss's daughter is back"

"Yes I can't believe it, I mean she's been gone for a long time "

" She is dangerous no one has ever tried mess with her"

" Guys stop gossiping if anyone hears you, I'm afraid you will become a toast for tonight" some guards talked among themselves.


I got off the car and went to the entrance of the palace, my home.
I opened the door and got inside.

"Home sweet home" I said to myself.

"Good afternoon ma'am" Gabriel my dad's second in command bowed his head along with some people accompanying him.

"Hello Gab, were is dad?" I asked him after they stood up straight.

"In his home office" he said looking at Martin questionably, I guess they all didn't know I was coming.

I went to my dad's office with Martin on my trail. When I arrived I opened the door without knocking.

"How dare y..." My dad said but stopped after he saw it was me.

"Iris? What are you doing here?" he said limping towards me his other hand on his injury.

"Ain't you supposed to be resting?" I asked ignoring his question.

"No Iris what are you doing here?" he asked again.

"Where you planning of not telling me about this attack?" I asked him.

"Iris I'm asking you for the last time what are you doing her damnit?" he shouted and I noticed Martin flinch from fright.

"This is my home remember " I said calmly and walked passed him to seat on his office chair.

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