Chapter 20

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"How can you help?"Aid asked looking at me.

"I can hack and see who is stealing your shipments and documents, then I will take them back along with theirs after that I prepare a fire wall that no one would be able to break except me of course." I say.

" It's not like we don't have hackers in our mafia, it's just that we know they wouldn't be able to do that cause it's impossible" Aid said and I smirked at him.

I stood up, took my MacBook and sat on a desk.

"Ali are you sure about this? I don't want you to get yourself involved in this stuff you know" Aid said concerned.

"Trust me brother" I said and started to hack.

"Done" I say after 10 minutes of hacking.

My brothers looked at me in disbelief, Aid even took my MacBook to check if it's true.

"Wow" Aid said giving back my MacBook and looking at me.

"Is that even possible?!" Aries said.

"The Irish Mafia, they are the ones who were stealing your shipments" I say snapping them back from their daze.

"These f*ckers how dare they" Aid angrily said.

"But why would they do that I mean we signed a peace treaty with them?" Aries asked.

"They want to rise up to the top 5 and for that to be possible your Mafia will have to fall." I said. The rank goes like this;

1. The Italian Mafia
2. The Russian Mafia
3. The Korean Mafia
4. The French Mafia
5. The Spanish Mafia
6. The American Mafia
7. The Irish Mafia
And so on, they are many mafias in this world so I'm only listing the top 7.

"We will make sure that our mafia does not fall then" Aid said determined.

We chatted for like hours, correction they chatted while I was just listening until we had a knock.

"Come in"Aid said and the door opened revealing the maid that knocked on my room this morning.

"The dinner is ready" She said looking down.

"Ok we will be down in a minute" Aid said giving her a small smile even though she couldn't see it. She turned and walked out.

"Do we have to go downstairs" Aries said


"Of course we have to"I say looking at Aries.

"I don't like those spoiled brats. I have been restraining myself from beating the shit out of them especially that Rocco guy"Aries frustratedly said.

"You guys are just the same though" I said. Well it's true, they both have anger issues and I think they will get along very well.

"Let's go" I said while walking towards the door. I heard Ari sighing before following me along with Ali.

We arrived at the dinning table and sat on the seats we sat on this morning. Everyone, even the b*tches were already seated. We all started eating but while we were eating I didn't fail to notice the intense gaze Luke was giving my sister.

I know that Ali can feel his intense gaze but she just chose to ignore it and continued to eat without a care in the world.

"Why are you looking at my sister?" Ari snapped at Luke.

"I was just wondering. Is your sister always quite, I mean we haven't heard her talk ever since she came here" Luke said.

"I can talk you know, you don't have to ask my brothers about me" Ali said still not looking up from her plate. Her voice can be scary sometimes especially when she speaks to other people other than us.

Everyone except uncle Eric were shocked that she spoke.

"Oh, um... are you always quite?" Luke asked her.

"No"she answered bluntly.

"Then why haven't you talked to us until now" Ryder chipped in.

"I only talk when I feel like it" Ali said eating her food without looking up.

"Oh" Luke said.

"Okay listen up" Uncle Eric said after everyone finished with their food resulting in everyone's attention going to him except Ali who was sipping her juice while admiring it.

"Tomorrow morning the triplets will go to the mall to buy things they will need including school necessities. But since they are not familiar with this city yet they will go with Elina, Mia, Rocco, Theo and Camille." Uncle Eric said

"Yay we are going shopping isn't that awesome Cam" Mia squealed.

"Yes it is" Camille squealed back.


Dude I know this city like the back of my hand. I mean I have been kidnapped to here many times by that shitty Rick. Plus I've traveled to here with my dad for some 'missions' even though I was 10yrs old.


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