Chapter 45

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"У меня задание сегодня вечером, ты пойдешь со мной?" Asher said

(I have a mission today in the evening. Are you going with me?)

"Что, если я скажу нет" (What if I say no)

"Ты бы не стал, и если ты это сделаешь, мне придется заставить тебя, детка" I could feel his smirk on my neck. What is he doing to me? I have never been close to anyone like this except for my dad and brothers.

(You wouldn't, and if you do, I will have to force you, babe)

"О, действительно, я хотел бы посмотреть, как ты сделаешь это, милая." I smirked back.

(Oh, I would like to see how you will do that, sweetheart)

He removed his head from my neck and turned me around so I was face to face with him.

"Просто перестань быть упрямым и сопровождай меня, это не значит, что тебе это не пойдет на пользу"

(Just stop being stubborn and accompany me. It's not like you wouldn't benefit.)

"Пожалуйста, сопровождайте меня плюс, вы также выиграете от этого"

He is right, though. I do need to see red.

"Ты прав. Я пойду с тобой."

(You're right. I will go with you.)

"Hé, nous sommes ici, vous savez, alors pourriez-vous parler la langue que nous comprenons tous," Chris said in french

(Hey, we are here, you know, so could you both speak the language which we all understand)

"Ouais Chris a raison," said Nate

(Yeah, Chris is right)

"Voulez-vous répéter cela ? Parce que je pense que je ne t'ai pas entendu, " I said, intimidating them with my cold aura.

(Want to repeat that again? Cause I think I didn't hear you)

"Non-non non, je suis désolé que tu puisses parler la langue que tu veux, n'est-ce pas, Nate, ça ne nous dérange pas ne sweated due to fear.

(No no no you could speak whatever language you want, right, Nate, we don't mind)

"Ouais," the pale Nate agreed.


"Моя любовь, хоть ты и горячая, когда злишься, я думаю, твоя маленькая подружка травмирована твоей аурой."

(My love though you're hot when you're angry, I think your little friend here is getting traumatized by your aura)

Oh my god, Kim. I dropped my cold aura and tried to stand up from Asher's laps keyword 'tried,' but he tightened his hands on my waist, refraining me from standing up. He put his face between neck and shoulder again.

"Kim, are you okay?"

"Y-yeah, i-i'm okay," she stuttered, looking at me. I felt a little bit hurt cause I knew she was now scared of me.

I know I'm always happy when people fear me but you know there is always that small part in me that sometimes wishes that I was normal just like other people and so far Kim was never afraid of me but now she is. What am I saying? Of course, she will fear me even more once she knows my identity, I must try to distance her away from me.

"You are scared of me, right?" I said calmly.

"Y-ye, I mean no, you are like my friend. Why would I be scared of you?" she said, unsure of herself.

"You gotta stay away from me, Kim. I'm a very bad person, a very, very bad person, even worse than your biggest nightmare. You just don't know, " I said honestly.

"No, that's not true. You're the nicest and sweetest person ever. I won't stay away from you, I will never." She said determinedly.

"Kim, have you never wondered why I don't have friends?"

"Um, no."

"Many people are scared of me, and they do not want to approach. That's why i don't have friends."

"I can be your friend, I mean, I also don't have a friend."

"That's the thing Kim, I don't do friends the would I live in doesn't do friends, it's dangerous to have friends. Being my friend would only invite danger to you, you might even lose your life by just being with me, do you still want to be my friend?" I asked her.

"Why would being your friend bring danger?"

"Don't worry, you will know some other day just know that being my friend is not nice, you can go look for other friends."

"No, I want to be your friend," she said.

«Почему она такая глупая?» I asked myself.

T:"Why is she so stupid?"

"Don't make the decision now, just think about it," I can't make her my friend it will be the best thing for both of us. She wouldn't be in danger, and I wouldn't have a weakness and disappoint my dad.

"Okay," she said and kept silent again. I could tell that she was awkward. I mean, she doesn't have anyone to converse with.

"Kim," I called her after some time.

"Are you okay here, or should we go somewhere else?" I asked her. She kept quiet and didn't say anything.

«Ты никуда не пойдешь, любовь моя, ты только что пришла» Asher said holding me tightly.

T:"You're not going anywhere, my love, you just arrived."

«Проблема в том, что ты, Ашер, пугаешь бедную девочку, скажи ей что-нибудь приятное, хотя бы может, она меньше испугается».

T:"The problem is, Asher, you're scaring the poor girl, tell her something nice, at least maybe she'll be less scared." 

"Ты шутишь, что ли." he said, removing his face from my neck to look at me.

T:Are you kidding me

«Нет, разве ты не видишь, что ты ел, заставляя ее чувствовать себя некомфортно? Она так тебя боится»

T:“No, can’t you see that you are making her feel uncomfortable? She's so afraid of you. "
«Так? Она боится меня, потому что слышала от людей, что я опасен, ты не думаешь, что, услышав о тебе, она испугается еще больше?»

T:"So? She’s afraid of me because she heard from people that I’m dangerous, don’t you think that hearing about you will make her even more afraid?” 

«Я собираюсь поговорить с ней, но после этого тебе придется спросить ее о наследнике итальянской мафии, чтобы посмотреть, как она отреагирует." He said again, and I nodded.

T:"I'm going to talk to her, but after that, you'll have to ask her about the heir to the Italian mafia to see how she reacts."


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