Chapter 18 ( Edited )

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I woke up at 3am in the the morning and did some workout inside my room cause I didn't know where the gym was. After I was done with the workout it was 7am so I took a shower. I put my long blonde hair in a high ponytail. I didn't put my make up on cause it's not like I need it. 

I went to my suitcase and picked up a long black hoodie that belonged to Aries and my black baggy sweatpants and wore them.

I picked my suitcases and opened the door that leads to the walk in closet. I unpacked my clothes and temporary hid my weapons under my clothes. I need to find or create a good hiding place but that can wait until I decorate and repaint this white room. I hid the necklace, gun and daggers that were personally given to me by my dad under the mattress cause I didn't want to risk being caught right now.

I walked outside the closet and took my MacBook before sitting on a single couch at the corner of the room. I opened the MacBook and started to dig information about the allies of the American Mafia before I heard a knock on my door.

"Come in" I said and the door opened revealing a lady who looks to be in her early 30s.

"Hello ma'am, I was told to tell you to come downstairs for breakfast"she said and I nodded.

"Wait" I said when she was about to walk out of the door and she turned to me.

"Yes ma'am" she said.

"My brothers, have you seen them" I asked her.

"Yes ma'am they were also called downstairs for breakfast so they are already down" she said.

"Okay" I say closing my MacBook and putting it on the desk.

"Show me the way if you don't mind" I say standing up and walking towards her at the door.

"Yes ma'am I will lead you to the dinning room"she said and we went went out of my room and I followed her but not before I closed my bedroom door of course.

I walk with her downstairs until we reach the closed door of the dinning room.

"I will leave you here ma'am" the lady said and walked off. I looked back at the closed dinning room door again before sighing and opening them to be meet with so many pairs of eyes starring at me.

Everyone was seated at the dinning table well except for the two little bitches Mia and Melissa. I looked for my brothers and saw they too were seated and between them was a vacant chair. I walked towards the vacant chair between them and sat down, these Rossi's were still looking at me but I didn't give a f*ck. They ended up continuing charting their eyes finally leaving me.

"Morning"I said to my brothers and they said morning to me as well. I then noticed that no one was eating.

"Why ain't you eating" I asked Ari in a low tone so only he and Aid could hear me.

"I was about to eat the moment I sat down but that b*tch Charlotte stopped me and started telling me about f*cking table manners saying I had to wait for the 2 little bitches who I'm f*cking sure that they are busy caking their f*cking ugly faces" Ari said annoyed and Aid snickered causing everyone to look at him.

"Sorry about that" Aid said after clearing his throat and everyone went back to their chattering.

"Are they planning to starve us or something" Aid said only for us to hear.

"I think so, I mean we have been waiting for like f*cking eternity for these b*tches to show up"Aries said annoyed.

After some time the b*tches decided to show up and they sat on their seats. True to Ari's words they sure caked their faces.

"About time you grace us with your presence your majesties" Aries sarcastically said loudly for everyone to hear.

"Watch your mouth boy" Luke warned Aries glaring at him.

"No thanks my mouth is fine, but I think you should teach your little princesses about time management" Aries said

"You better shut up before you regret it" Rocco said glaring at Aries.

"I don't think I will regret speaking a fact" Aries said shrugging.

"Enough" Eric yelled slamming his hand on the table.

"You three my office after breakfast" he said angrily glaring at Aries who wasn't faced at all.

"You may start eating since everyone is here" Uncle Mike said.

"Thank God, I thought I was about to be starved"Aries said eating his food ignoring the glares directed to him.

I internally smiled before I started eating my food.


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