Chapter 19 (Edited)

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Right now me and my brothers and I were inside Uncle Eric's office. We were sitting opposite him. He was so pissed and glaring at us.

"I want to make things clear with you guys. Here, we have rules that YOU will follow. I will do the honor of listing them for you and DON'T interrupt me before I finish, " Eric said, still glaring at us.

" 1. RESPECT, you will respect all of us."
"That's bull s*it," Ari mumbled, causing Eric's glare to be directed to him.

" I said DON'T interrupt me Aries, " he warned Aries.

" 2. When we talk or ask you something, you respond VERBALLY, " he said, looking at me and I knew that was directed to me.

" 3. DON'T, even by mistake, go to the basement." Come on, it's not like we don't know what's in there, dude.

" 4. Make sure you behave yourselves in public so you DON'T ruin our family's reputation.

  5. DON'T come home late cause it's not safe.

6. DON'T ever be late for dinner, 8pm sharp. You can be late for breakfast or eat it alone at your own time unless on some occasions like today and if so you must be seated at 8 am sharp.

7. DON'T bring your girlfriends or boyfriends here.

8. NO smoking or drinking alcohol cause you're underage

9. You all keep your good grades. I already know you all get straight A's from your previous school.

10. DON'T fight at school and respect your teachers cause I don't want to be called at school. You will start to go to school next Monday. That's all. Do you have any comments?" Uncle Eric asked.

"Yeah they are so many comments on all your rules," Aid said.

"Okay, let's hear them," Eric said.

"Rule number 1 respect is earned not given, and it goes both ways. Number 2 no one forces my sister to talk, 3 We weren't planning on going there anyway but you must give us privacy  too, 4 There are some people who deserve being told that not us" Aries said. Some people he was referring to were their children.

"5 and 6 It depends, 7 we don't do dates, 8 I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be the only ones smoking and drinking alcohol while we are underage in this family, 9 that's fine 10..." Aid said before I cut him off.

"We never fight with anyone unless provoked," I said, and Eric looked at me, shocked to hear me speaking for the first time since I came here.

"You may leave and follow those rules," Eric said, brushing what we said off.

"And you will be going with Elina, Mia, Camille, Rocco, and Theo tomorrow to buy everything you'll need at school." He said, and we stood up and walked out of his office to the living room.

When we got there, thankfully, there was no one. We sat down and watched TV.

After some time, the living room door opened, revealing Lina uncle Mike's wife.

She walked towards us, smiling genuinely.

"Hey," she said, waving at us.

"Hello," Aid said while Aries nodded, and I just looked at her.

"Do you mind me showing you around the house?"she asked nicely.

"No, we wouldn't," Aid replied, smiling at her.

"Okay, let's go,"she said, giving me a smile before walking out of the living room, and we followed her.


We are done with the house tour. There are 4 floors in this mansion. The first floor has a living room, kitchen, basement, ballroom, dining room, and an indoor pool. On the second floor, there is a game room, movie room, gym room, the second living room, library, and guest rooms.

The third floor is where rooms of relatives are. The right side is for the adults, while the left side is for the children. The 4th floor is where the uncles' offices, along with a hacking room and some other business rooms, are. Outside the castle, there is an outdoor pool and a big beautiful garden.

Right now, we were in Aiden's room he was sitting on the couch while I sat on his bed, and Aries was standing by the wall.

"What are we going to do now if the shipments and our documents continue missing?. We can't just watch our mafia slowly falling like that. We have to go back and help. It's  our responsibility as leaders of the mafia." Aries said to Aiden.

"DO YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT!?" Aiden whisper yelled, frustrated. He sighed and continued

"I just don't know how we will leave without getting the relatives suspicious of us, I mean I'm sure if we go out by ourselves without informing them they might sent some bodyguards to spy on us" Aid said.

"Does the mafia know about mom's death? And us being the new leaders?" Ari asked.

"Yes, they know everything by now, I had a call with William at the airport," Aid said. William was or is, I'm not sure, the third in command in the Spanish mafia

"What about Fred? Where's he?"Ari asked. Fred was my mom's most trusted gang member.

"I haven't heard from him since our mother's death. I even doubt he's alive." Aid said, stressed. I guess the mafia was what made him stressed since the day we arrived here.

"We are f*cked up cause we can't let the relatives know about us being the leaders of the Spanish mafia yet," Aries said, running his fingers frustratedly on his hair.

"I can help,"I said, looking at my phone, but I could still feel their intense gaze on me.

"What do YOU even know?" Aries asked doubtfully.

"I know many things, brother," I say, smirking at Aries. They don't know what I'm capable of.


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