Chapter 41

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We arrived inside uncle Eric's office and indeed everyone was there except for Mia and Camille. I wonder how my sister knew that though, sometimes she's very strange I mean she's always been strange but now it's worse.

"Aiden, Aries what brings you guys here?" Uncle Mike said smiling at us.

"We know you guys are a Mafia" the moment I said that all the uncles pointed guns at us even Mike who was smiling at us minutes ago

"How?"uncle Eric asked.

"Put your guns down first" I said calmly and they did.

"Sit down" uncle Eric said pointing to the vacant chairs opposite him.

"Okay now talk" he said after we sat down.

"Yeah so we have known you guys are a Mafia before we came to leave with you"I said.

"Who exactly are you?" Uncle Mike asked

"That's exactly what we are here to tell you" Aries said

"You see our mom was a Donna of the Spanish mafia and after her death we became the leaders, she was also a business woman, she has companies around Spain covering up her illegal business" I said and everyone especially the Uncles looked shocked.

"So you are saying our sister was a Donna of the Spanish mafia all those years"uncle Matt said and I nodded.

"And she also has companies" he continued.

"Yes"I said.

"You are the Spanish mafia? how shocking. I never expected this" uncle Eric said in daze

"Wow" Uncle Mike said.

"Truly surprising" uncle Nick said.

"When you say 'we' do you mean even your sister?" Leo asked.

"No our mom didn't sign her up on anything" I said. I don't know why mom did that though, I mean she's her daughter for God's sake.

"She too didn't want to be involved in any of our businesses" Aries said.

"Okay" Leo said.

"So we where asking for permission to go to Spain for a while to take care of the legal business " Aid said making the uncles attention go to him.

"That's okay but only one of you can go" uncle Mike said.

I looked at Aries who was already looking at me, he gave me a reassuring look.

"Aiden will go since he's the eldest" Aries said

"And more responsible" I continued and Aries rolled his eyes.

"Okay when will you be going? you can use our jet if you like"

"No no no it's okay I will use the public airplane. And I'm leaving tomorrow in the afternoon" I said.

"Okay " uncle Mike said.

"That's all we wanted to say" I said as I stood up along with Aries.

"We will take our leave" I said and we walked out of the office but not before hearing uncle Nick saying; "I just can't believe they are the Spanish mafia"

"So you will be going tomorrow" Aries said and I hummed.

"When will you return?"he asked

"It depends on the situation"I said and he nodded.

"Are we checking on Ali" I asked as we arrived at our rooms.

"No, she must be sleeping already so let's not wake her up" Aries said.

"Okay see you tomorrow" I said and went inside my room.

Only my brothers and I were remaining inside my office. We were both deep in thoughts. I just can't believe our sister was a business woman let alone the Donna of a Mafia.

That's unbelievable. But it can prove to be useful.

"What now?" Mike asked.

"Recently the Spanish mafia is growing so it's only a matter of time that we fall down to them as they level up" Nick said.

"So what are you suggesting?" Mike asked Nick

"I don't know, what do you have in mind brother?" Nick asked me.

"I was thinking we take the Spanish mafia from them..."

"It's impossible unless they are dead"Nick said.

"That's what I'm saying, we kill the leaders and we succeed to the throne"I said.

"I don't agree with you on this" Matteo who has been quite all this time said.

"And why so?" Nick asked him.

"We can't kill them, I mean they are our sister's children"

"Who cares plus we broke ties with her the day she decided to leave our family" Nick said.

"That doesn't matter we can't kill her children, they are our nephews"

"Well these nephews, all they have to do is sacrifice their life for us simple"I said. It's not that hard.

"It's okay Matt I mean we will just give them an easy death" Mike said.

"Even you? Impossible and I thought you were the mature and sensible one" he said as he stood up.

"I'm not with you on this" he said and left.

"What's wrong with him?"Mike asked.

"Let him be, just rejoice cause sooner or later we will have 2 mafias and more companies" I said excitedly.

"When will we kill them?" Nick asked.

"Later cause now we can't" I said and he nodded.

"Are we killing the three of them?" Mike asked.

"No we are only killing the leaders the girl is of no use anyway so we will just send her to an orphanage" I said.

"Great" Nick said smirking.

I know we are very good uncles, ha ha ha.


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