Chapter 38

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She's breathtaking yes, but the way she kills people *shivers* it's beyond imagination. I have heard a lot about her ALISSA IRIS DE LEON the only daughter of ALEXANDRO DE LEON she is known to kill without mercy.

She doesn't forgive, she is just like her father if not worse. It's my first time seeing her. I'm scared of doing even a single mistake when I'm with her cause I don't wanna die yet.

"I'm going to change" Asher said walking to the bathroom and I followed him. I didn't want to stay with the devil. When he noticed I was following him he stopped and turned to look at me.

"And then you?"

"I want to be with you" I said

"Stop your craziness Nate" he said and closed the bathroom door leaving me alone with the legendary Alissa Iris De Leon, the devil.

I sat as far away as possible from Alissa who was calculating my every move. When our eyes locked she smirked evilly at me sending cold shivers to run through my spine. I just want to run away from her she's so scary.

I'm even scared to look away from her not to mention to even blink cause maybe the moment I do that I will be as good as dead.

After 5 minutes Asher came out of the bathroom.


"I won't take long, Nate will be here with you" Asher said to Alissa. Wait what!?

"What!? I'm going with you I want to watch"  He wants me to stay in the same room with the devil, does he want me dead or something?.

"Nate y..."Asher said before he was cut off by Alissa.

"It's okay, I'm fine alone" Alissa said whilst scrolling on her phone.

"Okay let's go Nate" Asher said and I followed him to the battlefield.


I dialed my dad's phone immediately after they left.

Normal words- Alissa
Italics - Translation

"Si il mio piccolo diavolo?" ( Yes my little devil)

"La Russian Mafia erede, Lui sa che non sono morto and that it's me" ( The Russian Mafia heir, he knows I'm not dead)

"Come previsto di lui"he chuckled. (As expected of him)

"Papa he knows sono io, la Italian Mafia erede" (Dad he knows it's me, the Italian Mafia heir)

"Va bene nessuna preoccupazione,    il tempo per te a ritornare è più vicina" (Okay no worries, the time for you to return is nearer)

"Plus la Russians sono i nostri alleati quindi non importa quando loro sapere che tu sei vivo" (Plus the Russians are our allies so it doesn't matter when they know you are alive)

" Stai attento mio piccolo diavolo perché nel momento in cui i nostri nemici sapranno che sei vivo e che i tuoi fratelli sono la tua unica debolezza, si adopereranno"( Be careful my little devil cause the moment our enemies know you're alive and your brothers are your only weakness they will strive"

" Il motivo per cui ho mentito sulla tua morte quando ti ho mandato dai tuoi fratelli era perché i nostri nemici non ti disturbassero mentre erano con loro"(The reason why I lied about your death when I sent you to your brothers was so that our enemies won't trouble you while with them)

"Ti ho insegnato a non avere mai debolezze ma ad avere forza ma ora i tuoi fratelli, che sono più deboli dei nostri nemici sono la tua debolezza"(I taught you to never have weaknesses but to have strength but now your brothers who are weaker than our enemies are your weakness)

" Saranno i burattini dei nostri nemici"(They will be our enemies puppets)

" Dimmi la regola che ti ho insegnato sulle debolezze"(Tell me the rule I taught you about weaknesses)

" In una mafia non dovresti avere debolezze ma piuttosto forze per debolezze che ti abbattono".(In a mafia you should not have weaknesses but rather strengths for weaknesses will pull you down)

"Hai seguito questa regola?"(Did you follow that rule?)


"Lo sai che c'è una punizione per chi infrange ogni regola, vero?".(You do know there is a punishment for breaking every rule right?)

"Sì papà". (Yes dad)

"Ne parleremo il giorno in cui tornerai, ma sappi solo che se i nostri nemici sapessero che i tuoi fratelli sono la tua debolezza, li userebbero come loro marionette per attirarti. Sarà colpa tua per aver fatto loro le tue debolezze”. He said and hanged up. (We will talk about that the day you return but just know that if our enemies know your brothers are your weakness they would use them as their puppets to lure you. That will be your fault for making them your weaknesses)

This is the first time I've disappointed my dad who helped me to be who I am today and I also put my brothers in danger for making them my weaknesses. Just what kind of a daughter and sister am I?

"AND THE WINNER IS... THE NIGHTSHADE" the loud announcement snapped me from my thoughts. The cheering began.


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