Chapter 43

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We arrived at the underground and went through the guards. We went to the VIP section and watched the fight.

"Seems like their fight hasn't started yet,"Asher said.

"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time. Our last match has arrived. Let's welcome THE PYTHON and THE SHADOW," the announcer said after about 25 minutes or so.

Many people cheered as they got into the battlefield.

"Don't forget, there are no rules," the announcer said.

The f*ck no rules?. I looked at Nathaniel, and he was smirking evilly looking at my brother. Just what the f*ck is going inside his mind? Is Rick involved in this?

"The fight will start in 3...2...1" after the announcer said that the fight started.

The fight was fine at the beginning cause Aries was the one leading, but after some time, Nate's friends joined in the fight

" The fight is starting to get interesting," the announcer said when Nathaniel and his 3 friends started beating my brother up. Is he crazy?.

"I'm going to help him," I said lowly enough for Asher to hear.

"Are you crazy? You can't do that when you're wearing that?" He said, pointing at the hell angel's outfit I was wearing.

"And why can't?" I asked

"Because people are going to wonder why the infamous and dangerous hell angel decided to help Shadow."

                        THIRD POV

"Don't worry I will just kill those who wonder" Alissa said and ran down to the battlefield with her mask on and her hell angel tattoo on display as she took off her jacket giving it to Asher.

"Go easy on them." That's the last thing Alissa heard from Asher.

The moment Alissa got inside the battlefield field, she pulled the people who were on top of Aries and threw them back, making them fall.

Everyone, including the announcer and the referee, went silent.

" T-t-he H-h-ell a-ngel?" the announcer stuttered, shocked.

Nathaniel and his friends were scared and shocked, too.

"W-who the fuck do you think you are?"Nathaniel said trying to look brave but failing nonetheless.

"I can show you who I am" Alissa's cold voice boomed through the silent hall.

She took threatening steps towards Nathaniel who was taking steps back.

"Y-you're n-not supposed to be inside t-t-he battle field miss" the announcer said.

Alissa stopped on her tracks and turned back to look at the announcer before smirking evilly inside her mask.

"Why, I mean I thought I could join in the fun since like you said there are no rules" she said.

"O-okay which side are you in? So we could continue " the announcer asked Alissa.

"Well I don't usually take sides so I want to fight with them alone" She said pointing at Nathaniel and his friends.

"Cause he's already beaten up" she continued this time looking at the bruised Aries. Though she had an emotionless face outside, inside she was burning with anger.

"O-okay ladies and gentlemen the fight will be between the H-h-ell a-ngel and The python with his friends so let's start"

The fight started and in less than 5 minutes Nathaniel and his friends looked lifeless.

Though they looked lifeless she continued hitting Nathaniel.

The referee and the announcer where scared to stop her.

Only one person dared to stop her and that person was non other than Asher a.k.a the Nightshade. He pulled her from Nathaniel and wrapped his hands warmly around her waist.

"Calm down" Asher whispered in Alissa's ear.

Everyone was shocked yet again for the Hell angel and the Nightshade encounter.

"T-t-he Nig-htshade?" The announcer said.

"The w-inner i-is the H-hell an..." The announcer said but stopped when Alissa asked for the microphone.

He gave it to her with shaking hands.

"I just joined in for fun so the winner is him" she said pointing at Aries.

She returned the microphone back to the announcer.

"O-okay so the winner is SHADOW" the announcer said.

Alissa walked towards the lifeless Nathaniel with Asher by her side since his hands were still around her waist.

She attempted to beat him up again but Asher tightened his hold on her waist. Alissa looked at him with raised brows questionably but Asher looked at her with pleading eyes. She sighed and turned her gaze back to the frightened Nathaniel.

"Be careful cause you never know what might happen to you next time" Alissa whispered to Nathaniel leaving him puzzled.

"Let's go" Asher said to Alissa. Alissa hummed and they walked out of the battlefield.

'Nightshade and hell angel, they make a beautiful but dangerous couple' that's what everyone thought.
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