Chapter 24

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I was eating while Aid was talking to uncle Eric until my phone rang making everyone to stop talking.

I could feel everyone's gaze on me, waiting for me to pick it up but I just ignored them and continued to eat my food.

When the phone rang for the third time I decided to pick it up. I paused for a while when I saw that the caller id was unknown.

"Hello" I said.

"Ciao miss De Leon, sono Martin Capo's third in commando" Martin said. ( Hello Miss De Leon, I'm Martin, boss's third in command).

"Ho chiamato per informati del capo" he continued. ( I called to inform you of the boss).

"Cosa c'è con lui?" I asked. (What's with him?")

"Egli stato girato tre volte nel petto" he said. ( He was shot three times in the chest).

"Egli era quello che?".I asked again just to make sure I heard right. ( He was what?")

"Si, é stato girato ma'am" he said. (Yes, he was shot ma'am)

"Da chi?" I asked digging nails in my palm to avoid losing control. ( By who?).

"The Irish, Portuguese,Chinese, German and the swedish mafia along with some 3 gangs worked together and attacked us when we were unarmed" he said. They have the nerve to do that.

"dov'è adesso?" I asked. (Where's he now?)

"Ci ha detto di non dirvi dove si trova signorina, ci ha anche detto di non informarvi che gli hanno sparato, ma ho pensato che fosse importante" he said. (He told us not to tell you about his whereabouts miss, he even told us not to inform you about him being shot).

"Non mi interessa quello che ha detto, dimmi solo dove lui è se tu valore la tua vita" I said trying to control my anger. ( I don't care what he said, just tell me where he is if you value your life.)

"Siamo arrivati ​​in Italia ieri signora si sta curando" he said and I could hear the fear in his voice. ( We arrived in Italy yesterday ma'am and he's getting treated).

"Va bene, prenota subito un biglietto per me, voglio un volo che parta la mattina presto." ( Okay, book a ticket for me this instant, I want a flight that leaves early in the morning).

"Ma signora capo..." he said before I cut him off. (But ma'am boss...)

"Non mi interessa un cazzo, fai solo quello che ti ho detto che devi fare". I shouted and stood up almost knocking the chair down. I looked towards my brothers and sent them a small smile before going out of the dinning room. (I don't f*cking care, just do what I said you must do).

"Sì signora lo farò ma per quanto riguarda il capo". he said. ( Yes ma'am I will do it but what about boss?)

"Digli che sto arrivando e lui non può fermarmi" I said. ( Tell him I'm coming and he can't stop me).

"Sì signora" he said and I hanged up. ( Yes ma'am)

I swear I won't spare anyone who was involved in this attack. I went up to my room to pack only my electrons, I don't have to pack clothes since I already have more than enough in Italy.

When I finished packing I heard my brother's footsteps heading towards my bedroom so I jumped on the bed and pretended to be asleep.

They opened the door and got inside.

"She's already asleep" Aid said before kissing my forehead. " Goodnight" he said.

"Goodnight sister have sweet dreams and we love you so much" Ari said before kissing my forehead. After that they both went out of my room not forgetting to close the door.

When I was sure that they left I sat up on my bed.

" I love you guys so much too. I'm sorry about what I'm about to do." I said to myself. Even though I'm leaving I will sent someone to protect them in secret since I don't trust these relatives and Rick is on the loose. I will deal with him when I come back.

A message notification from my phone snapped me from my thoughts. I picked it up and looked at the message, it read:
'I booked the ticket miss. The flight will leave at 3am' Seems like the message is from Martin let me save his number.

After I was done saving it, I sat an alarm that will wake me up at midnight to get myself ready. After that I layed on my bed and went to sleep for real this time.

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