Chapter 15 (Edited)

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Woah I thought there were only 2 boy twins but seems like there's a girl too.
The boys look a lot like my sister the girl I'm not sure since she hasn't looked up yet but she has dark blonde hair rather than black.

The girl stood up and looked at me after the other boy whispered something to her. And boy her face is so emotionless and a lil bit scary. Now that I got a look at her she doesn't look like Bianca at all. But she looked familiar to me, it's like I've seen her before I just can't put a finger on where? Whatever.

"Hello"I say to them. The girl nodded and sipped her tea and the other boy just nodded.

"Hey I'm Aiden 16 yrs old , the eldest and that's Aries" he pointed at the boy who nodded a while ago "Then that's Alissa the youngest" he pointed to the girl who was busy sipping her tea to care.

"How old are your siblings?"I asked well I think the boys are twins since they look alike but the girl is she maybe 15?.

"Oh we're triplets"he said. So they're triplets? I never expected that.

"Is everything done officer" I asked the officer and he nodded" So shall we leave" this time I asked them and they nodded well only the boys.

The boys took three suitcases cases each and left none for Alissa who was only holding a backpack.

"Need a hand there?"I asked Aiden

"No I'm good" he replied.

"Okay you can put them at the boot in my car"I say and he nodded and they walked to my car boot putting them inside before closing it.

"Okay officer I guess this is where we part ways" I say shaking the officer's hand.

"Yes Mr Rossi have a safe flight"he said and went off to the police car and drove off.

" Let's go kids"I say and we got in the car and drove to the airport, I sat on the passenger seat and they sat at the back Aiden was in the middle. I looked at the view mirror at the boys talking and Alissa was just quite looking outside the window. I haven't heard her talk at all.

So like our sister had children but who is the father? And where has she been living all these years? I have many questions in my mind right now.

We decided long ago that our sister was dead so receiving a call stating she was dead yesterday, I didn't feel sad like I should instead I felt nothing.

I called Mike and told him that the kids are 3 and they're triplets he too was surprised but I don't blame him since I was too.



We reached the airport and right now we were on uncle Eric's private jet. I sat at the back settee very far away from everyone.

Aiden has been very stressed ever since he answered that call the moment we arrived at the airport, I know it's about their mafia and stuff. Right now he was seated beside Aries looking at his phone with the same stressed look.

Anyways the uncle said we're going to New York.


As I was putting on my seatbelt I felt a presence beside me when I looked up I saw Aries putting on a seatbelt beside me, I looked at him with a questioning look.

"I just wanted to be beside my sister is that a crime plus you need a shoulder or lap to sleep on" he said

I just looked at him and smiled. I love them, I really do and I won't hesitate to kill anyone who hurts them except for my dad, I mean I can't kill my dad since I love him too but I can stop him from hurting them.

The flight started to tilt upwards and when it straightened we took out seatbelts off. I put my airports on listening to music and put my head on Ari's shoulder and slept. After sometime I felt someone putting a blanket on top of me before kissing my forehead.


I was looking at the triplets. Alissa slept on Aries' shoulder and after sometime Aiden took the only blanket that was on the jet but instead of wearing it he went and wrapped it around their little sister before he kissed her forehead and went back to his settee. They sure are very close.

*Sigh* they take care of their sister so much but what about us huh? We never cared for our sister when she was alive even when she's dead. What kind of brothers are we? *sigh*


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