Chapter 46

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"Kimberly," Asher said, looking at Kim. Kim who was now shocked and scared at the same time replied with a yes.

"Alissa here says that I'm making you uncomfortable. Is that true?"

"U-um n-no n-n-ot a-at all," her stuttering said otherwise.

"Am I scary?" He asked the most obvious thing even Chris and Nate looked at him dumbfounded.

"N-no," she said.

«Разве она не может хотя бы уметь врать, Я закончил, теперь твоя очередь».

T:"Can't she at least be able to lie, I'm done. Now it's your turn."

"Hey Kim, can I ask you a question?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure," she answered. At least she isn't stuttering when speaking to me, I don't like it when people stutter whilst talking to me. Not meaning it's bad, it's just that it will make it hard for me to understand.

"Do you know about the dead Italian heir?" I asked her.


"What do you know about her?"

"Why are you asking me that, Alissa?" She sounded genuinely confused. I don't want her to be suspicious, so I choose to lie.

"It's just that I have heard Asher and Nate talking about the heir to the Italian mafia and I also heard from people that she is not a good person so I just wanted to know what you say about her"

"Oh okay, I heard that the heir to Italian Mafia is a very very dangerous person, oh no they say she is not even a human being, she is cunning, devious, ruthless all the things that describes a devil, she kills people mercilessly without remorse whether innocent or not she doesn't care. They say she is just like her father, whose name should not be spoken or else you will lose your head. Please don't tell anyone that I told you about the dead Italian don't want to die." She said in a low voice. It was like she was afraid to be heard.

"Vaya, que descripción. Nunca supe que no me consideraban un ser humano." I said, and Asher tried not to show that he was amused, unlike his other friends who were grinning like idiots.

T:"Wow, what a description. I never knew they didn't consider me a human being."

If only she knew that she was sitting with heirs of the top three mafias in the world, especially the supposed dead heir of the Italian Mafia.

"Okay, so if one day you see the heir to the Italian mafia, what will you do?"

"I would obviously run away, I wouldn't want to see myself dead, worse, see myself being tortured by her. They say when she tortures you, you will wish you were dead, " she shuddered.

"What about befriending her? Will you do that?" I asked. I know I shouldn't have, but it's just that a little part of me wanted to know.

"That will be the same as befriending death," she said. Okay, that hurt, but who cares, right?

Is that how my brothers will think once they know who I am. No, stop thinking about that, you ain't weak, plus you have your dad, the only person I'm sure will never leave me for who I really am, maybe even Asher.

"Non dovresti fregartene un cazzo di quello che ha detto,"Asher said. It was as if he could understand how I feel.

T:You shouldn't give a shit about what she said

"Hai ragione, sono l'erede della mafia italiana, non dovrei preoccuparmi delle cose stupide"

T:You're right, I'm the heir to the Italian mafia, I shouldn't worry about stupid things



"Um, Allisa, I gave to go, I have a lesson in about 10 minutes," Kim said as she stood up.


"See you after school," she said before walking away.

Since there was now an empty seat, I decided to sit on it. I tried to stand up, but Asher tightened his hold.

"Where are you doing?" he asked

"Well, as you can see, I'm trying to stand up so that I sit on that chair."

"There's no need." I didn't argue with him this time.

"Hey guys, I heard there is another new student coming this week," Nate said.

"Huh? Are you serious? " Chris asked

"No, I'm not. The information I got from the school records is a lie," Nate said sarcastically. I guess he hacked on the school records. That's why he knows.

"You know Alissa, I have always wondered how it will be like when I race with you, so I challenge you for a race on Saturday," Chris said.

"You want to challenge my girl? Did I hear you right?" Asher asked him, and Chris nodded.

"Unfortunately, I can't do that," I said.

"Why? Are you scared that you will lose to me?" I looked at him before smirking. If only he knew.

"Me scared? It will never be possible even in your dreams. I don't do those things until I'm announced alive to the world. "

"Okay," Chris said.

"Let go of me, I want to head back inside," I told Asher.


"Ari isn't attending, so I'm going to look for him. You know how he is. He can't control his anger," I said.

He released his hold on me, and I went inside the school building. I wonder what Aries is doing right now.


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