Chapter 29

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Today is the day I'm going back to my brothers. I miss them so much. It's been 5 months since I killed those attackers and my dad's health is much better now.

"Dad"I called.

"Are you ready? Did you take your weapons?"he asked and I nodded.

"Okay let's go" he said walking to the garage. We got inside his Black Range Rover and he drove to the airport with his bodyguards following us, like always.

We arrived at the airport and we walked along a long plain hallway until we reached a set of double glass doors with two guards outside.

"Good evening boss" they both said to my dad. He gives them a nod and the doors opened revealing my dad's private jet. Then we walked to the pilot.

"Boss, ma'am" the pilot saluted to us.

"She's going to America and you know what to do" Dad said.

"Yes boss" the pilot said and left to get inside the jet.

"Enjoy your stay with your brothers cause you know sooner or later you will have to leave them forever and return to Italy since you're my heir" Dad said looking at me.

"Yes, I know Dad" I said.

"Okay that's all. Take care and don't get into many fights at school cause I'm afraid you will end up killing someone" he smirked knowingly at me.

"It depends" I smirked back.

"Okay okay bye, I will miss you"he lowly said.

"I will miss you too Dad and please be alert you know you have many enemies who want your head"

"Don't worry about me, they only hurt me when I let them to otherwise they wouldn't even come close to me" he smirked evilly.

"Cocky much." I said and got inside the jet. The jet was modern with a large tv on the right wall and settees lining each wall. There was also a resting room. I plop myself down in the corner of the settees and look out the oval window, my dad was walking back followed by his bodyguards but not before waving at me.

I look back into the jet, it was only me, 2 pilots and the attendant.

"Hello ma'am, do you want something?" the attendant asked.

"Um...yeah get me a cola" I said.

"Okay" she said and left. I sighed as the jet took off.


The jet landed and I got off.

"This is where we part ways ma'am and that's the car boss hired for you it will take you to your destination".the pilot said pointing at the black SUV near the jet. I nodded and walked towards it.

"Good morning ma'am" one of my dad's bodyguard said opening the backseat door for me. All my dad's guards have a small dragon tattoo with some Italian words written near it on their necks that's why I could recognize them.

"Are you the one driving?"I asked him.

"No ma'am there is a driver inside" he said. I understand why he can't drive me to the Rossi's castle.

I nodded and got inside before he closed the door and the driver started driving.

It was in the afternoon when we arrived. We went through the castle gates but not before the guards searched us. I'm good at hiding so they didn't detect any of my weapons.

I got out of the car after it stopped.

"Goodbye miss" The driver said before driving away.

I looked at the castle and signed. I walked towards the front door and ringed the doorbell. After 2 rings the door opened revealing Leonardo.

"Hey, welcome back I guess?" he said and walked to seat on a couch leaving the door open for me.

I got inside and closed the door behind.

"Where are my brothers?" I asked.

"School" he said typing on his laptop.

"Okay I will be upstairs" I said and went to my room. I unpacked my backpack and hid my weapons in my closet.

I took a shower, after I was done I took out my MacBook and sat on a couch and did my business.

I was busy on my MacBook for hours until two people badged in my room and attacked me with a hug and those two people where non other than my brothers.


"Hey do you know there's a game this weekend?" Ryder asked as we got inside the front door. We just arrived and when I say we I mean me, my brother and our boy cousins. I don't know where the girls are not like I care though.

"Yeah, I heard Thomas talking about it today at school" Luke said.

We plopped down on the couches in the living room.

"Hello boys, how was your day?" Alonzo asked coming from the kitchen with a mug which I'm sure has his black tea in it on his hands followed by Leo.

"Come on Alonzo we are not 5" Reign rolled his eyes.

"I will let that slip this time" Alonzo said sipping his tea.

"Oh before I forget, your sister was looking for you guys" Leo said.

"Why would Mia or Cam look for us" Luke asked.

"I'm talking to Aiden and Aries" Leo said making all my attention to go to him.

"Alissa? Where is she?"Aries asked.

"Oh she came this afternoon she is in h..." before he could finish me and Ari raced to Ali's room, badged into it and attacked her with a hug.

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