Chapter 44

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Asher and I patted ways he went his way, and I went mine. Right now, I was in Ari's room waiting for him to come. I was sitting on the couch, lights turned off like how I liked it.

I was wearing my pajamas so as to look like I just got out of bed. The window opened, and Aries got inside before closing it.

He went to turn on the lights and was surprised to see me looking at him.

"Ali?"he said.

"What happened to you?" I asked, referring to the scratches on his face and his bloody fists.

"Um, this w-well I..."

"You went to the underground without telling me?"I said as I stood up and went to take the first aid kit in his bathroom.

I came out of the bathroom with the first aid kit.

"I didn't want to wake you up," he said

"Stop lying, anyways sit down," I said, and he sat down on his bed.

"Why ain't you sleeping?" He asked as I dressed his wounds.

"I was busy," I said.

"Busy with what?" He asked again.

I closed the first aid kit after I was done and went to put it back inside the bathroom.

"I'm asking you something," he said.

"Work,"I said.

"What work?" he asked.

"Go to sleep Ari it's already late, goodnight." I turned off the lights and went out of his room, dodging his question.


I looked at the door that was closed in daze. You know sometimes I feel like there is something about my sister but I just can't put a finger to it, I mean the way she carries herself, her quick reflexes, how she is always busy with and I quote "Work".

What surprises me the most is that Asher, the heir to the second most powerful mafia in the world, knows my sister, and it looks that it is not their first time seeing each other. This pisses me off, tbh I mean, I don't know, but something is f*cking wrong.

Anyways let me not stress myself. I'm sure Ali will tell us sooner or later about the things she usually hides from us.And I'm also sure there's a reason why she does that.

I've already bathed at the underground before I came here, so I immediately went to sleep.


It's been a while now since Aiden has left. The uncles have been thinking of a way to kill them until Aiden arrives.

Well, it's not like they will succeed anyway, not as long as I'm alive.

Asher and I have been really close recently (not in that way, though) much to Aries dismay.

Nate and Chris are still scared of me to which I don't mind.

Most importantly, the time for me to go back to Italy, my hometown, and show people that THE Alissa Iris De Leon is not dead is nearer, and my dad keeps reminding me about that time and again.

"Alissa,"someone called from behind me. When I turned around, I saw Kim jogging towards me.

Nowadays, she no longer looks like a nerdy girl since she doesn't wear her glasses.

"I've been looking for you everywhere,"she said humping.

"Why?"I asked as I continued to walk with her beside me.

Ever since I knew this girl, she seems to always stick to me, not like I mind, though. I'm recently used to her presence. It's surprising, I know.

"No reason,"she smiled.

"Where are you going anywhere?"she asked.



"I ion have a lesson"

"Same, may I join you?"she asked.


We walked through the hallway until we reached the outside benches, where we unsurprisingly saw Asher and his friends already sitting. We walked towards them to find that there was only one seat left next to Chris.

Kim looked at me and back at the chair.

"You may sit on it," I said.

She sat on it as I sat on Asher's laps, who in return wrapped his hands around my waist and nozzled his head on my neck.

Like I said before, I and Asher have gotten close these past weeks. I have been going with him on his killing missions, I mean, he's an assassin. After all, that's how we got close.  These missions helped to suppress my hunger for blood. I'm also an assassin. I go by the name the Reaper, but ever since I started to leave with my brothers, I hardly go on missions.

Anyways, back to the present.

"Hi," Kim lowly said. Chris and Nate greeted her back, whereas for Asher, he just ignored her. Kim looked at him and hanged her head down again in fear. She still fears him even after all these weeks.

"Why ain't you attending?" Asher's voice came out muffled since he hadn't removed his head from my neck.

"Same reason why you ain't," I said, and he chuckled.


Ever since the mighty devil showed up these past weeks, or is it a month? I don't know, Asher knows how to display emotions and mind you he has never ever in the years I have known him did that. It's just unbelievable.

But it seems that with this devil, Asher behaves freely. He has never been close like this to a girl, but look at him now. My friend is whipped guys he is whipped. He just hasn't noticed it, but he is a goner.



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