Chapter 37

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"So you are saying the heir of the Italian Mafia is not dead and you saw her today at school?" Dad asked for the second time.

"Yes dad I saw her, at first I didn't know I just wanted to see who she was but the only information that I saw was that she was the Romano's sister so I looked carefully at her photo and then I noticed that her features are similar to that of Mr De Leon" I said

"So to conclude my guess I took hers and Mr De Leon's photo and examined them only to find that indeed she looks similar to Mr De Leon dark-blonde hair, greyish eyes the smirk they are the same".

"And the only person in this world who looks like De Leon is his 'dead'daughter. You're smart my son." Dad said proudly patting my shoulder.

"Let me call her for a meet up. I need to talk to her" I said and my dad nodded

"Nate" I called out to Nate.

"Yes boss" he said running towards me from where I don't know.

"I want Alissa's number" I said.

"Sure just give me at least 5 minutes" he said, sat down, took his laptop and started hacking.

"What is taking so long?" I asked after 25 minutes of him hacking.

"It's hard to hack into her phone so I'm thinking of hacking into her brother's ones, it's obvious they have her number" he said.

"Okay do it " I said.

"Done" he said, I took out my phone copied the number and dialed it.

Bold- Alissa

"Asher Kingston" a voice as cold as ice but beautiful non the less sounded through the phone. She didn't even take long to answer I guess she knew I was going to call.

"Will you mind meeting me at the underground now?" I asked her.

"Sure why not. See you there" she said and hanged up.

"I'm going to the underground dad"I said and left with Nate on my trail.

I have a fight today at the underground that's why I told Alissa to meet me there.


I arrived at the hidden underground.
There were 3 men who I guess were guards sitting outside chatting and I walked towards them.

"Young girl this is not a place for you to be" one of the men said making others laugh.

"Are you perhaps lost?" another one said and laughed again.

"Go back child this is not a playground " another one said and they laughed harder again.

"I'm pretty sure I'm at the right place you guys are the ones in the wrong place you should be 6ft under instead" I said with my cold voice releasing my cold aura that sends shivers through everyone's spine.

I took my knife and spinned it on my finger walking towards them as if they were my preys and they walked back shivering in fear.

" You see no one talks to me like that those people who did ended up in a very terrible way, want me to share?" I smirked.

"N-n-no p-please f-f-forgive u-us" one of the men said stuttering.

"Ah ah ah I don't forgive, you know" I said and sliced both their throats in one go and they fell down dead. No one disrespects me ALISSA IRIS DE LEON and walks away with it absolutely no one.

"You should have at least gone easy on them" someone said from behind me.
Out of instinct I turned around to kill him but he got ahold of my hand that was holding the knife.

"Easy it's me Asher" the person said.

I looked at him to see it was indeed Asher.

I snatched my hand from his hold and wiped my knife before putting it where I took it.

"That's the easiest death I could give to someone" I said

"Let's go inside shall we Miss?" He said gesturing for me to go downstairs.

I went downstairs and he followed me along with his companion.

We arrived at the battlefield and there was a match of 2 girls. It was so noisy since people were cheering.

"Let's go to my changing room" Asher said as he left to his changing room with me following him

When we got there we got inside and he closed the door behind. Thank God the noise was not audible enough now. His changing room was medium sized, there was a long couch and 2 single couches there was another door which I guess was the bathroom.

I sat down on a single couch and removed my mask cause I know he already knows that it's me.

"Dang!?" His companion said looking at me. I know I'm hot buddy I know.

"S-s-sorry" he said stuttering when he noticed that I heard him.

"I have a match in 10 minutes so we will talk after it's finished right?" Asher asked looking at me.

"I don't like waiting" I said loud and clear.

"I won't take long" he said and I nodded.


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