Chapter 17 (edited)

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Where is everyone?" Eric asked Elina.

"Oh they're at the living room upstairs"she said

"Okay" he said and turned to us "Let's go introduce you guys to the others" he said climbing the stairs to what I assume is the living room.

The living room we were going to was on the second floor. Eric opened the closed door of the living room and we went inside, me being the last of course.

All eyes fell on us when the door opened. The other uncles except Nick of course who was glaring at us had neutral looks while some of their children had irritated,annoyed and scowls on their faces not like I care though.

"Daddy!"A bitch like girl squealed and jumped on Eric.

"Hello sweetie, How are you?" Eric said.

"I'm good and who are these people?" she said looking at my brothers with a dreamy face on and me with a glare.

"Oh yeah, everyone I need your attention" Eric said putting the girl down causing everyone to look at him.

"These are Bianca's children so introduce yourselves from oldest to youngest" he said.

"Hello little ones I'm Mike your 2nd oldest uncle and this is my wife Lina" Mike said and pointed to a lady next to him. He is the one who takes care of his brothers the most. He is like a mama bear to them. Good at guns and fighting. He is the underboss in the mafia.

"I'm Lina nice to meet you" Lina said . She is uncle Mike's wife they met at a coffee shop and fell in love. She is not in the mafia but knows of it.

"Nick and I'm NOT your uncle" Nick said still glaring at us. He is uncle Mike's twin, he is the moody one out of his brothers. Unlike his older brothers he was forced by his father to get married to Charlotte. They don't have a good relationship. Good at knives, guns but mostly snipers and fighting. Second in command in the Mafia.

"I'm Charlotte Nick's wife" A bitchy voice said. Charlotte she is uncle Nick's wife, she is a bitch even though she is married she sleeps with other men. Only after Nick's money. Not in the mafia but knows of it.

"Hey I'm Matteo your youngest uncle and this is my wife Hayley" Matteo said. He is the quite one out of all his brothers. He is a doctor but still in the mafia. Good at guns, hacking and fighting. Fell in love with Hayley when they were still in college. Likes reading. Third in command in the mafia.

"I'm Hayley, Matteo's wife. Nice to meet you" Hayley said smiling at us. She is stylish and extremely good at fashion. Good at using knives and fighting. In the mafia.

"Ok now it's the children's turn. State your ages when you introduce. My children will start first followed by Mike's just like that."Uncle Eric said.

"I'm Leonardo 21. Nice to meet you" Leornado said. He is uncle Eric's oldest son. He is just like his father cold and ruthless. Good at guns, knives and fighting. In the mafia.

"I'm Steven 19." Steven said smiling at us. He is uncle Eric's second son. He likes art. Good at guns and fighting.

"I'm Luke 17.Nice to meet you" Luke said smiling.Uncle Eric's third son. He likes to party a lot and he is a playboy. Good at guns and knives. In a mafia.

"I'm Mia my daddy's daughter and I'm 16 years old" bitch girl said. She is the youngest child and only daughter of Uncle Eric. She is a spoiled bitch. Not in the mafia and hasn't known about it yet.

"Ok now Mike's children introduce yourselves" Uncle Eric said.

"Hey I'm Alonzo 21." Alonzo said. He is uncle Mike's oldest son. He is cold and loves torturing so much. Extremely good at knives and good at guns and fighting. In the mafia.

"I'm Reign 17." Reign said. He is a tattoo artist. Good at fighting and guns. Playboy. In the mafia.

"I'm Theodore but please call me Theo. I'm 16 years old" The youngest child of uncle Mike. He is a little bit shy. Good at fighting, guns and car racing. Known as the reaper in the underground. In the mafia.

"Nick's children your turn" Uncle Eric said.

"I'm Antonio 21." Antonio said. The oldest son of Uncle Nick. He is just like Alonzo and Lorenzo cold and ruthless.
Good at knives, guns and fighting. In the mafia.

"Hello I'm Ryder 17." Ryder said smiling. He is the second son of Uncle Nick. A playboy. He is the most energetic one out of his brothers. He is known as an energetic killer. Good at knives, guns and fighting.

"Rocco 16 and DON'T bother me" An irritated Rocco said. Rocco is the youngest child of uncle Nick. He is a mini vision of his father always moody. Good at fighting, guns and car racing. Known as the devil in the underground. In the mafia.

"Matteo's children" Uncle Eric said gesturing to Matteo's oldest son to start.

"I'm Damien 17. Nice to have you here"Damien said. He is just like his father doesn't talk much, enjoys reading. Good at knives, guns and hacking. In the mafia.

"I'm Camille 16. And I'm not happy to meet you people especially the girl" another bitch voice said. She is Uncle Matteo's younger daughter I wonder where her and Mia got their bitchy attitude from but I bet it's from Charlotte. Anyways she is a spoiled bitch just like Mia. She is not in the Mafia and doesn't know about it yet.

"Okay it's your turn now to introduce yourselves"Uncle Eric said turning to us.

"I'm Aiden 16." Aiden said and turned to Aries who was having a glaring contest with Rocco.

"Aries 16."he said still glaring at Rocco.

Everyone was quite waiting for me to introduce myself even Aiden was looking at me while l just stood there with both of my hands inside my trousers side pockets.

"This is my sister Alissa. She is 16." Aiden said.

"Is she mute or something"Rocco snarled.

"Watch your mouth"Aries said in a threatening tone.

"She just doesn't like talking" Aiden said calmly but I know he is keeping himself from beating Rocco right now.

"Are you triplets?" Ryder asked

"Yes" Aiden answered

"That's so cool and you're wearing matching outfits" Ryder said gesturing to our outfit.

"Ok since the introductions are done why don't you all children go sleep it's late." Uncle Mike said clapping his hands.

"Let's go sweethearts I will show you your bedrooms." Elina said and walked us to the 3rd floor.

"This is where all the rooms are, the elders rooms are on the right side of this floor while the children's are on the left side where yours are, now let's go" she said turning to the left hallway.

We passed many rooms which I guess are their children's, our rooms where at the end of the hall.

"This is your room Aiden, then Aries and lastly Alissa." she said pointing to the rooms. Aiden's room was next to Aries and mine was opposite Aries'.

"Thank you"Aiden said and Elina smiled.

"You're welcome now feel at home and goodnight" she said walking away.

We looked at each other and signed.

"I hate that Rocco guy" Aries said and Aiden chuckled and patted his shoulder.

"I know" Aiden said.

"It's time we rest" Aiden said and Aries nodded.

"Come here" Aid said and I walked to them. We had a group hug and they both kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight" We both said at the same time and chuckled.

They got into their rooms and I got inside mine. The room was plain white and I needed to change it cause it's so blinding. I walked to the bathroom, showered and got into my pyjamas and went to sleep with the thought of changing my room tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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