Chapter 39

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After sometime the door opened and in came a bloody Asher followed by Nate. The blood was not his though.

He looked at me and smiled making his dimples pop out. Nate who was looking at him was shocked, why?I don't know.

"Shall I talk now or shall I take a bath first?"he asked.

"Take a bath" I said and he went inside the bathroom leaving Nate behind.

"So Nate" I said looking at the paralyzed Nate.

"Y-y-yes" he stuttered.

"Do I scare you that much?" I asked.

"N-n-no" he stuttered again.

"Come sit here" I said pointing to the long couch beside me.

He walked slowly towards the couch and sat down.

"What have you heard about me that made you to fear me so much?" I asked

"N-n-othing" he stuttered.

"I kill people who stutter when I'm talking to them"

"Don't scare my poor friend Alissa" Asher said coming out of the bathroom fresh.

"No I'm being honest I hate it when people stutter when I'm talking to them"

"Let's get to the reason you called me here" I said as he sat down.

"You already know why I called you here"

"Yeah but I want to hear it from you"

"Who are you?" He asked

"Alissa Romano?"I played dump.

"Stop lying I already know you're the infamous Alissa Iris De Leon the Italian Mafia heir who everyone thinks is 'dead' and you're just using your mother's surname as a cover up." he said.

"As expected of the Russian heir. I knew you will investigate who I am" I smirked.

"Why did you fake your death though? I will understand if you don't want to tell me" he said.

"It's confidential " I said. I don't trust anyone, allies or not that's why I didn't tell him the whole truth.

"Okay I called you here just to confirm" he said.

"Let's go I will walk you out" he said as he stood out along with Nate. I stood up too and we walked outside to where my bike was.

"Does your brothers know who you really are?" He asked.

"No they don't" I said and he nodded

"Nice bike"Asher said when we arrived to where my bike was.

"I know" I said as I got on it and started the engine.

"See you tomorrow at school Alissa De Leon"

"Likewise Asher Kingston"I put my helmet on and set off.

Upon arriving I hid my bike outside the castle and snuck passed the guards again without being seen.

I climbed trees and rooms like a ninja until I arrived at my room's balcony.

I opened the window and got inside before closing it behind. I changed into my pajamas and checked the time on my phone which was 01:15am. I sighed and went to sleep on my bed.

"Alissa wait for me" Kim said as I walked through the hallway to the cafeteria.

Gosh it's this bubbly girl again. This morning I haven't attended any lesson since I was called to the principal's office for breaking a girls noise and pouring soup on another girl and many other things. This is just stupid, the case hasn't ended yet.

"Heya" Kim said after she was side to side with me and I nodded.

"Going to the cafeteria?" She asked breathless because of running and I nodded.

We walked to the cafeteria took our food and went to seat on our usual table.

While we were still eating someone pushed the chair besides me and sat down on it. I looked to see Asher Kingston. Nate sat far away from me besides Kim who looked shocked and terrified to see Asher and another one of his friends sat besides him.

Everyone in the cafeteria including my brothers and cousins were looking at our table.

"Asher Kingston" I said.

"One and only" he smirked.

"Cocky much"I said.

"Meet my other bud his name is Christopher Hart. I guess you have heard this name before right?" He said and I nodded. Of course I know this name Christopher Hart the heir to the French Mafia.

"Chris meet Alissa" he said to Chris who has been looking at me as if I'm a ghost.

"H-hello" he stuttered. What's it with people stuttering.

" So what do they call you?" Asher asked the terrified Kim.

"K-k-ki-m-b..." She said but I cut her off. Her stuttering is to another level.

"Kimberly her name is Kimberly" I said and continued to eat my food.

"I have heard this name before but where?" He asked

"The punching bag Kimberly that's what people call her"Chris chuckled.

"Oh I see"

"Do you know Alissa "he asked Kim.

"Y-y-yes she i-is a nice person she is not like others." she said making Nate and Chris look at her like she has grown two heads.

"Nice?" Chris asked her and she nodded.

"Yeah she is an angel"she said without stuttering this time.

"An angel" Nate said lowly as if it was the most most stupid and foolish thing to say.

"So you mean she is nice and she is an angel?" Asher asked looking at her in disbelief.

"Yes" she said.


If only she knew who she was referring to as an angel and a nice person


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