Chapter 26

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"Were you the one who called her and told her about the attack?" Dad calmly asked Martin, who looked he was about to shit himself.

"I-l'm s-sorry s-sir," Martin stuttered.

"So it was you, you need to be punished," he said and punched him straight in the jaw.

I walked to him and got ahold of his hand.

"Go," I said to Martin. He looked at me with a grateful look and left.

"What's wrong with you, dad?" I said.

"You shouldn't have come here," he said.

"Why? You didn't miss me? You don't want me here. Is that what you're trying to say, You regret having me as your daughter?" I asked with emotions that I only show to him, and sometimes my brothers.

"No, no, it's not like that tesoro. You remember the day I sent you to live with your mother, right?" He said, and I nodded.

"Yes, I was to take you after a year since I had some things to deal with. After a year, when I went to take you, you were at the park with a nanny and your brothers. You were so happy playing with them and laughing so hard. You were so free. But when I thought of how you are when you are living with me emotionless, alert, guns,kidnapping, murder etc. I felt like a bad father, a failure who couldn't raise his child properly, I never bought toys for you but rather real guns, I taught you how to kill when you were 5yrs old, you don't feel physical pain because of me. So I left without you, and I didn't want you to ever return to this bad life. I don't, and I never will regret having you as my daughter. It's your choice to choose whether you want to continue being the heir to my illegal business. I'm no longer forcing you. " he said, looking at me sincerely.

"Dad, I'm used to this life. All you saw back then was all a pretense, and you're not a bad father. Rather, you're the best father ever. You taught me ways of life, and I became strong because of you. And of course, I choose to still remain the heir to your illegal business, who will, if not me? We can't let our family business fall, can we?" I said, and he looked at me with pride in his eyes.

"I'm proud of you,"he said.

"Now let's go, you need to rest," I said and helped him to his room. I could have sent someone to help me take him to his room, but it's only me, him, and Jacob, the cleaner who is allowed to enter it.

"Don't leave this room. I'm I clear, "I said after I lay him down.

"Crystal," he said, smiling.

When I walked out of his room, I saw Martin with Gabriel, so I walked over to them.

"Ma'am."they both said.

"Nice to have you back, Alissa," Gabriel said. He had known me since I was little, so he called me by my name.

"Sure,"I said to him

"Do you want something ma'am" Martin asked.

"Yeah, I want all the information and whereabouts of the attackers. By tomorrow, they should be ready, clear." I said.

"Yes ma'am," Martin said and left.

"So, are you here to stay forever, or are you going back?" Gabriel asked.

"I'm not sure yet." I said

"Okay," he said.

"See you around, Gab." I patted his shoulder and left to my room.

The moment I entered my room, I looked around and noticed that it was still the same as I left it 3 years ago, only the blankets were changed.

I sighed, closed the door, took a shower, wored my pajamas, and went to sleep with one thought on my mind.'How are my brothers doing?'.


Many, if not all, people fear and worship my name; ALEXANDRO DE LEON.

My daughter is back, my strength. The girl I'm proud to call my own. The only person who dares to talk against me.

I know you might all think I'm a bad father because of the way I raised my daughter but as a matter of fact if I didn't teach her all those things she would have been dead by now because she was my enemies' target. The life we are living in is not all rainbows and sunshine, so she had to learn how to protect herself. I don't, and I never will regret raising her to be the way she is now.

My daughter and I make a perfect team. They call us psychopaths because we kill with no remorse. We are always emotionless except in each other's company.

I know she wouldn't spare the attackers, not like I would have too and I also know she wouldn't let me accompany her.

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