Chapter 33

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" Who's Asher?" I asked.

"Don't say his name aloud, he is feared by everyone in the school including the teachers. He's kinda of the school's bad boy" she said shuddering.

"Where's he then?" I asked. Just who is this Asher I want to see him.

"He didn't come to school today because of some serious case which we are not allowed to talk about but I think tomorrow he will come to school" she said and continued to eat.

I looked at my brothers table and noticed that they were already looking at me. Aries stood up and walked towards me, I turned my gaze to Kim who was enjoying her food.

Kimberly looked behind me and her eyes widened in shock or surprise I'm not sure but judging from her facial expressions Aries has arrived and he was the one behind me.

"What?" I said without turning to look at him.

"Why ain't you eating?" He asked.

"Cause I don't feel like it" I said turning to look at him. I noticed that everyone's eyes were looking at us but I just ignored them.

"You're crazy. Come and sit with us you're going to eat" he said emotionlessly.

"As you can see I'm seating with someone and I don't feel like eating"

"She can come too "

"Are you okay with it Kimberly?" I asked the shocked Kimberly who was staring at me.

"Um y-yeah I don't mind" she said.

"Okay let's go" I stood up as well as Kim with her tray and we followed Aries to their table.

"You can seat here and she will seat there" he said pointing to the vacant seat between him and Aid and then the one besides Rocco.

I looked at Kim to see if she was okay with it, she nodded but I could see that she was very uneasy.

"No I don't think she wants to seat faraway from me so why don't one of you seat there so she can seat besides me" I asked Aid and Ari.

"Okay I will seat there" Aid said standing up to seat besides Rocco.

"Okay seat I'm going to take food for you" Ari said before leaving.

We sat down when I say we I mean Kim and I.

"Is Aries your boyfriend?" Kim whispered to me almost making me choke on my saliva.

"What!? No" I said lowly for her to here.

"Then why does he care for you so much" she whispered.

"Cause he's my brother" I said.

"What!?" she whisper shouted.

"You mean the twins are your brothers?"

"Yes we are triplets" I calmly said.

"Oh my gosh, really?" She said and I nodded. Gosh this girl talks a lot.

"That's so cool" she said happily for whatever reason.

After about 3 minutes Aries came back with a tray of food and sat down next to me.

"Here, eat this" he said sliding the tray over to me.

"Fine" I said and started to eat my food.

While I was still eating a barbie girl and her three minions came to this table. The barbie girl sat on Rocco's lap and the others sat on the vacant chairs.

"Oh why is the newbie here" the barbie girl said looking at me as I eat my food.

"Watch your mouth Samantha" Aid warningly said.

"Did I strive a nerve is she perhaps your new b*itch" Samantha snickered. That sentence made me stop eating and look at her. I'm trying so hard to stop myself from beating her.

"Sam keep quite" Rocco warned her too.

"Oh Sam not only the newbie is here, look at the punching bag" one of Samantha's minion said pointing at Kim who lowered her head due to fear.

"Oh my my I was looking for you everywhere" Samantha said as she stood up from Rocco's lap with a bowl of soup in her hands and walked towards the shivering Kim.

I knew what she was about to do but before she could pour the soup to Kim I stood up, got ahold of the bowl and poured on her instead.

"What!? How dare you do you know who my dad is? He wouldn't spare you just wait and watch" she glared at me before storming out of the cafeteria her three minions following her.

I sat down and continued to eat like nothing happened.

"T-thank you" Kim said.

"No need" I replied.

"Um can you at least introduce us" one of my brother's friends said.

"Oh I forgot, this is our one and only sister, Alissa and... Kimberly right?" Aid said pointing at me before asking Kim who shyly said yes.

"You forgot to say she is our cousin dawg" Ryder said.

" Whatever. Alissa this is Divan, Ethan, Allen and Cole our friends." He said pointing at them. Cole waved.

"Hi" Ethan said

"Hello" Divan smiled

"Hey" Allen said

I nodded to all of them as a way of appreciation.

"Bye I'm going to attend English" Kim said after the siren rang and went to her class.


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