Chapter 36

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I was seating with Kim again in the Cafeteria on the table we sat on yesterday.

"Alissa are you always quite?" She asked.

"No, you just talk a lot" I said with my usual blank face as I continued to eat.

"I usually talk a lot when I'm sure the person I'm talking to is not a threat to me" she said and I hummed. If only she knew who she was talking to.

"You are the only person who befriended me that makes you a nice person" I hummed again. Nice? Me pftt... what a joke.

"Anyways did you see him?" Kim asked.

"Who's him?" I asked.

"Asher " she whispered.

"Asher" I said and the people near our table looked at me shocked so I guess they heard me.

"Don't say it aloud"Kim frighteningly said

"Who is Asher?" I asked again my voice booming through the silent hall.

My brothers and cousins looked at me as if I have grown two heads but I ignored them

"I am" someone said from behind me. I turned around to be face to face with the owner of the voice and guess what it was the same boy who claimed that the chair I was seating on this morning was his.

"Oh it's you" I calmly said.

"Yes, it's me, Asher Kingston" he smirked evilly trying to intimidate me but to his dismay I wasn't intimidated at all.

Asher Kingston this surname and name sounds a bit familiar let me think, let me think oh yeah the Russians, he's the heir of the Russian Mafia Asher Kingston. He's known to be short tempered, cunning, calculative, smart and dangerous more like his father. He is a silence killer, he doesn't negotiate, he just kills you.

After the Italian Mafia heir's 'death' my 'death' he was known to be the most powerful heir.

"Okay" I said. Aid and Ari came to my side.

"Sorry for my sister's behavior Asher" Aid apologized to Asher.
Is he crazy what is he apologizing to, a God?

"Your sister huh?" Asher smirked again. He is so handsome to be honest, he even has dimples.

"Yes" Aid said.

"When?" He asked.

"That's non of your concern" I said as I finished my food. I stood up and looked at Asher again.

"Till we meet again Kingston" I smirked at him.

"Let's go Kim" I said and left with Kim on my trail to our music Class.

"Alissa don't ever talk to him like that he is dangerous" Aid said.

We just finished the family dinner and we were in Aiden's room by we I mean me, Aid and Ari. They are both on the brother mode.

"Hm" I hummed.

"We are f*cking serious Alissa, are you even listening to us" Aries angrily said.

"Yes I'm listening bro" I said

"I heard you guys you've been saying the same thing since after school" I tiredly said.

"Just stay away from him" Aid said concerned.

You see I love my brothers and all but sometimes I keep thinking of shooting a bullet through their skulls, I mean I know they are concerned and blah blah blah but come on I'm not 5, even my dad knows that.

"I'm not 5 Aid"

"I know just be cautious of him he is the dangerous heir of the Russian Mafia"

"Sure goodnight" I said to them giving them both a hug before going to my room.

I closed my bedroom door the moment I stepped inside and locked it.

I sat on my bed, took out my phone and scrolled through social media waiting.

After sometime my phone rang. The caller ID was unknown.

Bold- unknown caller
Italics- Alissa

"Asher Kingston" I said after picking the call.

"Will you mind meeting me at the underground now?" He asked.

"Sure why not. See you there" I said and dropped the call. That's exactly what I was waiting for.

I knew he was going to find out who I am. Asher Kingston he's so smart and calculative.

I stood up from my bed and wored this outfit 👇

I stood up from my bed and wored this outfit 👇

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(With a mask on)

I opened the window and went out through it before closing it carefully behind.

I snuck easily through the guards and took my other bike which I hide outside the castle out of its hideouts.

I got on it, started the engine and set off to the underground.

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