Chapter 28

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It's been 5 months since Ali had left to God knows were. I'm worried cause I don't know how she is and where she is. I was furious that day, I mean imagine waking up to find a letter inside your sister's room stating that she will be back soon and we shouldn't worry or look for her. I will never forget that day.


I woke up in the morning, took a shower and went downstairs to make breakfast for myself.

When I went inside the kitchen I saw only Aiden who was eating his breakfast.

"Sup bro" I said hitting the back of his head.

"What the f*ck Ari" he angrily said but I ignored him and made breakfast for myself. After I was done I sat down to eat. I feel like there is something wrong but I just can't put a finger on it, whatever.

"Did Ali finish her breakfast already?" I asked.

"No, I don't think so. Maybe she is still sleeping?" Aid said.

"That's odd I mean she usually wakes up earlier than us" I said.

"Yeah, let me go check on her" he said and stood up, washed his plate and went upstairs.

"ARIES COME HERE NOW" I heard Aid shouting upstairs.

'I hope everything is fine'. I thought walking upstairs to Ali's room where Aid was.

"What's wrong? Why are you shouting?" I said after I opened the door to Ali's room. He walked passed me and closed the door before locking it.

I looked at him questionably his face displayed many emotions sad, furious and concern.

"What's with you? And where's Ali?"I asked looking around for her.

The bathroom door was opened so I checked there first and then her closet but I couldn't find her.

"Where is Ali Aid?" I asked panicking.

He handed a letter to me, I took it and looked at him first before opening it.

Dear brothers

I'm sorry I had to leave, I had to attend to something very important . Don't worry nor look for me I will be back soon. Please cover for me when the uncles ask where I am.

I love you guys


"Is this some kinda of a joke, how could she go alone and where did she go?" I asked angrily punching the wall again and again until Aid stopped me.

"There is no use of doing that" he said letting go of my fist before going out of Ali's room to his.

Right now everyone was inside the dining room for dinner except Ali.

"Where's your sister?" Uncle Eric asked.

"Yeah, I haven't seen her at all today" Ryder added.

"Oh her, she um...was taken by our dad"Aid said out of the blue.

"How do you know that?" Eric asked again.

"He wrote a letter saying that we should not try to look for her since she will be back soon and she's with him" Aid said. It was half a lie and half the truth

"And how do you know it was him who took her since you haven't even seen nor know about him" Eric asked.

"Alissa, she once told us he will come for her one day and she even showed us the signature he uses on letters the same signature we saw on today's letter." I said to back up Aid.

"Where's that letter ?" Nick asked.

"My brother has anger issues so when he finished reading the letter he burned it out of anger" Aid said.

"Which country does your father come from?" Mike asked.

"Canada" Aid said.

"Okay if you're sure that it was your father that took her then no problem. You may all start eating your dinner" Mike said.

I can't believe they fell for our terrible lie, I mean come on they are a mafia for God's sake.

"Don't forget you're still going to school on Monday, your sister will join you when she comes back, her uniforms are in her room" Mike said.

Just were are you Alissa.


I miss you so much sister please come back.

"Hey Aries, let's go" Ryder said getting inside the driver's seat on his Lamborghini, I got on the passenger one and Rocco on the back. We were going to watch a game. Aid was with Reign and Luke.

We get together well with all my cousins except the girls.

Me and the Rocco guy are friends even though we fight a lot sometimes.

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