Chapter 4 ( Edited)

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"I will go to the bathroom"my sister said hurriedly and went off.

"Is she good"Aries asked concerned looking at the door Ali went out of.

"I don't know"I replied

"So mom's dead"Aries said looking at me.

"Yeah"I sign and lean on my seat taking my phone to check out the time. 3:15am. I fling my phone onto metal table and sign again.

"Let's just talk about it later. We're all tired."I say

"Are you serious right now? What if we don't have relatives or they don't want to take us in. Does that mean we will have to go to the foster care?"he asked annoyed.

"I don't care about what will happen all I know is we have to look after Ali she is our first priority"I say

"Yeah that's what I'm worried about if we go to the foster care we will be separated..."he said before I cut him off.

"No we are not going to the foster care if we don't have relatives we run away. We are the Spanish mafia leaders after all we will just run to the warehouse"I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Yeah that's sounds good"he said

"Do you think she loved us?"I asked Aries quietly.

"Mom?"he asked and I nodded

"I think so I mean she was always there for us when we needed her"he said unsure. We both sat there for 15 minutes before the door was opened and closed quietly.

I looked up to see a sad? Ali? and I quickly ran to her.

"Ali what's wrong"I asked her. She just shakes her head and wraps her arms around my neck.

I put my arms around her, picked her up and went to our seats. I sat down with her on my lap. Aries was staring at her in shock because it was rare very rare for Ali to show her emotions and here she is sad.

"Aid?"she called quietly


"Why didn't she love me"she asked quietly and a tear slid down from her eyes. I didn't know what to say our mother has always hated her at least she acknowledged me and Ari's presence but never hers.

"Look Ali I know our mother never loved you but don't stress over that since you have both of our love. We will always love you and be there for you okay"Aries said stroking Ali's hair. Wow I'm amazed, my brother can sooth someone.

"Thank you and I love you guys too"Ali said and fell asleep on my lap.

"Wow I never thought you could sooth someone"I teased my brother

"Whatever, anything for my sister whom I love so much. I know that sometimes I'm a jerk to her but all siblings are like that, it doesn't mean I don't love her "he said


"Shut up or you will wake her up we both know she barely gets sleep at night"he warned and I nodded.

"You know I have never felt so complete until the day she arrived when we were 13 yrs old. We didn't even know about her existence until that day. It seems like she was our missing piece." Ari said

"Yep I felt the same thing too. And of course she was what we were missing we are triplets after all, we are parts of each other"I say. Yeah it's true we used to feel like we were incomplete but now after she came we became complete.

After sometime officer John from before came in and sat down in the seat opposite us. I press a finger to my mouth and pointed at Ali and he nodded in understanding. Aries removed his hands which were stroking Ali's head and turned towards him.

"We have found some relatives who are willing to take you in"the officer whispered.

"Who?"I ask slightly shocked. For all I know the only family we had were now dead.

"Your uncles" he said and I nodded my head and looked at Aries who was about to start screaming. I kicked his leg and point to Ali to remind him to be quite.

"I'm going to make some arrangements they might pick you up today or tomorrow" he said quickly then pushed the metal chair and walked out of the room.

"We have uncles?" I said in a daze.


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