Chapter 12 (Edited)

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I reach the ran down pub hidden down an alley way. I step over to the drunk people on the floor and went to the bar counter.

"Hello ma'am what can I get for you"the bartender says

"Hop scotch, nothing less, nothing more" I say the code. Their code is stupid I know.

The bartender looks at me shocked. Don't worry dude I get that a lot.

"Hello?" I say snapping him out of his thoughts.

"Oh sorry, follow me" he said and he led me to the underground where all kinds of illegal things like racing and fighting take place.

"This is where I stop you may go inside"he said once we stopped by the big metal door.

"Sure" I say and he left.

I pushed the metal door open and the smell of blood hit me awakening my inner beast the part of me that have been shut for 3 yrs. I walked further in and to my surprise, I see two people I didn't expect to see here my brothers.

Merde ( shit )

Aiden had bruised knuckles and Aries was bandaging them.

I touch my mask ensuring that it was intact.

"Alissa Iris De Leon, long time no see huh"a familiar voice said behind me.  I turn around to see Domenico the Boss of this place my dad's friend. He is like an uncle to me.

"Domenico Ivanov"I say with a straight face.

"Drop the formalities now Lisa, follow me to my office". He said and I did.


We got inside my office and I sat down.

"Take a sit"I said to Lisa gesturing to a sit opposite mine. She nodded and sat down.

"So how have you been for these 3 yrs?" I asked her

"Fine I guess?" She answered unsure. I just looked at her and signed.

"How is it?" I asked and she gave me a questioning look.

"How's what?"she asked with a raised brow on her emotionless face.

"Living with your brothers, how's it" I say looking at her and I swear I saw a faint smile before she went back to her emotionless face if I would have blinked, I wouldn't have seen it.

"Good it's good" she said

"Why did you stop fighting and racing?"I asked.
Ever since she was sent to live with her brothers she never came for a fight or race this is sooo unlike her at all. Knowing her love for blood.

"Dad" she said and I looked at her confused.

"You know about the whole dead heir and daughter of Alexandro De Leon right" she said and I nodded "Well yeah, he wanted me to keep a low profile since I'm dead and all" she continued.

" If that's the case then why are you fighting?" I asked.

"To release my anger" she said. Oh that's good cause I know if she doesn't do that she will go on a killing spree, killing everyone who comes into her view. I know cause it has happened before not once but thrice. She is exactly like her father psychopaths.

"And why are you angry?"I asked again and she looked at me irritated.

"Uncle Dom could you just stop with your questions"

"Okay answer this one and I'll stop" I say

"Rick, that damn f*cking stronzo dared to threaten me with my brothers, I know they can handle him since they are strong and are the Spanish mafia leaders but still I don't want them involved in my mafia problems cause they are way more dangerous and I don't want to lose them, I just can't but this f*cker dared he f*cking dared to use them to threaten me ALISSA IRIS DE LEON. Those who had dared to mess with me before are 6ft under the ground". She said her cold aura leaking out.

"You want to know what I'll do when I see him? I'm'm gonna pluck his eyes, nose and ears out. Cut all of his finger nails as well as the toe ones before cutting the whole fingers off, then I'll slice his hands and legs with my sharp favorite dagger after that I'll pour alcohol and bleach in his wounds, hearing him scream and begging me to stop will be music to my ears. Then I'll cut off his d*ck and b*lls, lastly but not least I'll slit his throat open slowly watching as blood oozing or I just pluck his heart out with my bare hands watching it pumping slowly until it become lifeless in my hands or I'll just....."

"Okay okay please don't continue cause you giving me chills" I say cutting her off. Yeah it's true when I heard her talking about how she was going to torture him chills ran down my spine. I wouldn't wish to be on her bad side. Poor Rick.

This niece of mine is surely a psycho *shivers*

"Come in"I say when I heard a knock on my door. The door opened and in came Ian my PA.

"Sir the fight is about to start"he said and left closing the door behind him.

"I guess that's my cue then" Lisa said standing up and checked if her mask was intact.

"Let's go " I say and we went to her changing room I made only for her. In the room there are two doors, one leds to the fighting arena and the other one leds to the outside, there's also a bathroom in the room incase she will need to wash off the blood.

"TODAY'S FIGHT WILL BE BETWEEN OUR UNDEFEATED FIGHTER THE BIG BOSS" The referee's voice was head inside the room along with some cheers and applauds I guess this big boss was already in the battle field.

"AND T-T-THE H-HELL A-ANGEL "the referee stuttered due to shock I guess by now his face was pale. I guess even the audiences were shocked cause it was silent very silent.

"I would have said good luck but you don't actually need it, as always"I say

"You know me well uncle"she smirked. *shivers* she is scary way to scary

"Go easy on the guy at least" I say already pitying her opponent.

" Of course he's lucky that my brothers are here so I won't last for long since I can't risk them noticing it's me" she said walking out to the battle ground.


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