Chapter 2 (edited)

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We were infront our classroom's  closed door before my brother Ari like always decided to make an entrance by kicking the door open. I just rolled my eyes and we went inside.

"Romanos can you kindly tell me why you're late and why kick the door open when there is a visibly door knob on it"Mr grumble said sounding annoyed.

"Why we are late is none of your f*cking business Mr grumpy and I kicked the door because why not"Ari said and the class burst into laughter.

"Shut up! "Mr grumble yelled and the class stopped laughing.

"It's Mr grumble" Mr grumble said.

"Whatever let's go Ali"Ari said and we went to our normal seats at the back of the class mine was near the window.

"I'm so sorry for my brother's behavior Mr grump... I mean grumble"Aid said and walked over to his seat which was near Ari.

I took out my airports tucked them inside my ears and listened to music before falling asleep my back resting on the chair.

I felt someone shaking me when I opened my eyes I saw Aid who was saying something to me . Everyone was looking at me and my brothers even the maths teacher?.

I took off the headphones and looked at Aid.

"Why is the maths teacher here?"I asked him in a low voice so that only he and Ari hears me.

"Well it's her lesson and you slept for  half the history lesson, whole English lesson and half of the maths lesson"replied Ari. Wow

"And now everyone is looking at us because we are wanted at th....."Aid said before he was cut off.

"I REPEAT THE ROMANOS COME TO MY OFFICE NOW" the voice of the principal was heard from the speakers.

"Yeah that's what I was trying to tell you"Aid said and I looked at Ari.

"Why are you looking at me? I didn't do anything this time"Ari said and I signed and stood up from my seat.

I signaled them to go with my hand and they complied.

When we arrived at the office my brother Ari opened the door without knocking and went inside and we followed him nonetheless.

"Romanos sit down please"the principal said pointing at the 3 chairs across his seat.

"Okay shot I don't have patience"Ari said after we sat down.

"You have to go with this officer to the police station he has something to tell to you guys"he said pointing at an officer who was beside him on his uniform looking at us in pity.

"Why the police station did we commit a crime or something"Aid asked.

"No we just need to talk"the officer said.

"About?"Ari glared at the officer.

"That you will find out when we get to the police station. Now shall we go"the officer said and walked out of the office and we just followed him.

Time skip; police station

We were inside the interogating room seating down on chairs that were across where the officer was seated.

"So ain't you gonna say something now"Ari asked not so politely.

"Yeah so umm... your mother has been found dead, we found her body near the park no traces of the murderer but we will keep on trying to find him /her"the officer whose name was Brett said.

"Wait wait wait so you're saying my mom is dead"Aid said way to calm and the officer nodded. And that's when I knew he was about to lose it. He stood up and grabbed the officer by his collar.

"ARE YOU F*CKING CRAZY HOW CAN YOU SAY SUCH BULL*HIT ABOUT MY MOM DO YOU THINK THIS IS A JOKE YOU F*CKING PRICK. MY MOTHER CAN'T DIE SHE IS F*CKING ALIVE."he yelled but when he realized what he was doing he left the poor officer's collar.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry"he apologized but the officer ran out of the interogating room to god knows where.

"WHAT THE F*CK"Aries yelled punching the wall.

"Stop it"Aiden said to Aries and turned to look at me in concern.

"Ali are you okay"he asked and I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing at his question. I mean of course I'm okay why wouldn't I be?

"She's dead"I said calmly. Aiden and Aries looked at me strangely. They share a look of confusion at my calmness.


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