Chapter 40

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"How does the most feared, handsome and badass boy in the school know you?" Kim said after school.

"He's so handsome that I'm not even qualified to have a crush on him" she continued.

"Though he's hot he's so dangerous " she said.

"I've never seen him talking to anyone except his friends and sometimes your brothers and cousins in school"

"But he spoke to you both the second and third day of school wow, he even knew your name" she said.

"You talk about Asher a lot huh, I thought you have a crush on my brother Aid" I said.

"Wait what!? H-how d-did you know" she stopped walking and looked at me shocked.

"I just know" I smirked and continued walking.

"I hope you don't have a problem right?" She shyly asked walking beside me.

"Why would I" .

"I don't know, maybe because you don't want a nerd to date your brother"

"I don't really care who my brothers date as long as they make them happy and don't hurt them" I said and she blushed.

"Okay" she said and smiled.

"Bye see you tomorrow" she said and left after we got out of the entrance of the school.

"Is she your friend?" Someone said as I walked to the parking lot.

When I looked to see who it was I saw Asher against his car smoking a cigar. He was alone this time, his friends weren't with him.

"No just an acquaintance" I said walking towards him.

"Plus she's so innocent I can't put her into these Mafia things"

"You already did though by making her your acquaintance"

"She asked for it". It's true she wanted to be with me.

"Okay, so..." He said throwing the cigar and walking towards me

"I didn't think you were so short like this" he mocked looking down at me once he was so close to me. He's so tall , I think he's about 6'3.

"Don't you dare Kingston" I warned him.

"Okay I'm kidding you are so tall for a girl as expected of a badass girl" he said.

"Of course " I smirked.

He held me by my waist and turned us around so I was against his car. I raised my eyebrow questionably at him.

"We make a badass couple don't we" he smirked

"Are you high?" I asked him.

Someone cleared a throat behind us and I looked behind to see Nate and Chris.

I tried to pry Asher's hands that were around my waist but he looked at me with a raised bro and a smirk that I wish to wipe off his face.

"Remove your hands Kingston" I said warningly.

"Why? I mean why now when you see people?" he smirked and I glared at him.

"Are we interrupting something? " Chris asked.

"No"I said

"Of course you are" Asher said

He's so lucky that I can't kill him because we are allies.

"". I said this time prying them with full force which worked.

"I'm going" I said walking towards were we packed our rides by we I mean me, my brothers and cousins.

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