Chapter 3 (Edited)

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Ok let me tell you about me and my brothers Aiden he is the serious and mature one but don't underestimate him he's very dangerous and deadlier than Aries, mess with him and your dead. Aries he is cold and rude very rude to everyone well me and Aid are the exception sometimes, He has anger issues. He likes were it's bloody. That summarizes both of their personalities.

I am the odd one out of the three. My brothers are like bombs ready to explode while I'm a lot calmer the last time I got angry was when I was living with my dad and no one noticed until I went on mini killing spree. My brothers have a lot to say and never stop talking whilst I get asked if I'm mute or not. My brothers have our mother's love while I have her hatred she has always hated me maybe it's because I look nothing like her and my brothers, she doesn't know where I got these looks since she doesn't know what my dad looked like and who he is because he was wearing a mask when they had their one night stand 'that my dad told me about'. After that night she became pregnant with us, my brothers were like her and I was not like them at all despite being triplets. When people see me they wouldn't believe that I'm their sister but I am my mom even had a DNA test done. One week after I was born my dad came wearing the same mask and told my mother that I will live with him my mother didn't hesitate a bit and gave me off, I know you must be thinking how l knew that since I was a child but 'my dad' was the one who told me. I like my looks you know, Not trying to brag but my looks are way more gorgeous that my brothers because my dad is hell handsome.

We have been inside this room for like 5hrs and no one has showed up I wonder where that officer Brett is.

"F*CKING HELL"Aries yelled hitting his fist on the table. Both me and Aiden looked up to a very angry Aries pacing around the room.

"Calm down"I said calmly. Aries looked at me annoyed.

"Shut up Alissa" he says sounding fed up. I shrug my shoulder and lean back onto the uncomfortable metal seat. I'm always calm I don't get bothered by much. If you held a gun to my head I wouldn't care it has happened many times before.

"Ali have any ideas?"Aiden asked hopefully

"We just need to calm down and I'll go and talk to an officer" I say standing up. Both my brothers nod and I walked out of the interogating room they shoved us in.

"Hello officer"I said and he turned to look at me.

"Yes how may I help you?"he asked sitting on the seat behind him.

"You see me and my brothers have been brought here and told that our mother passed away six hours ago and we would like to know what will happen to us since we are underage"I said as politely as I could. He looks over to his desk and starts checking through papers.

"Well I thought an officer was supposed to come and talk you" he said continuing to look through papers.

"I'll come in now"he picks some papers that he has found. I nod my head and walked back to the room.

"And then?"Ari asked " Did you even talk to someone" Aries sometimes makes fun of me for many things one being that I don't really talk to people. I roll my eyes and seat down in a metal chair.

Aiden had his feet on top of the table leaning back in his chair with his eyes closed. I pushed his legs off the table causing him to nearly fall. He opens his eyes and glares at me. I just roll my eyes.

"Stop rolling your eyes or they will get stuck up there someday"He said.

"Yeah yeah mom"I slightly annoyed him. He was about to say something but the officer I was talking to came inside the room.

"Hey, sorry kids for not communicating with you sooner and I'm officer John"he said and sat on a chair opposite ours.

" As you already know you mother was found dead and now we are going to have to search if you guys have relatives that can take you in or maybe your dad..."he was about to continue but I burst out in laughter when he said our dad.

I mean him my dad THE Alexandro De León taking care of the future leaders of the Spanish mafia that will be funny way too funny.

"Is there something wrong kid"the officer asked and I stopped laughing.

"Don't mind my sister sir she can be a little bit... weird sometimes"Aid said and the officer nodded "Anyways I don't think we have relatives and as for our father no one knows about him well except for my sister who grew up living with him"Aid said

"Where is your father he will surely agree to take you and your brothers in"the officer said to me.

"What I know is he will not in a million years agree to take them in and as for his whereabouts I don't know" I said, the last part was a lie though how can I not know where my true home is but they didn't need to know that.

"Oh if that's the case then I will go check for any relatives who will be willing to take you in otherwise you will have to be sent to a foster care."he said and left.

"I will go to the bathroom"I said to my brothers and stood up and left.

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