Chapter 5 ( Edited)

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I was in my office along with my brothers and our older sons. We were talking about the mafia shipments until my phone rang. It was an unknown number and out of curiosity I picked it up.

"Hello, am I speaking to Eric Rossi?" A female voice asked through the phone

"Yes, and you are?"I asked and my brothers and our sons looked at me.

"I'm Lily James from ***** police station in Spain"

"Okay, how may I help you?"

"You see your sister Bianca has been found dead" she said.

"Oh, ok is that all" I said confused

"No there's something else"


"It states that Bianca has children and since she had passed will you take them in? If not they will be sent to the foster care."

"How many are they?"

"I'm not really sure since this is not my case, I was just told to call you but guess it's 2 twin boys."

"Where's their father?"I asked

"Unknown, from what I know"

"Okay when can I come take them?"

"Whenever you want and I will send you some papers you need to sign"

"Okay I will pick them later today or tomorrow"

"Of course."

"Bye"I said and dropped the call. I signed and put my phone on top of my dest then looked at my brothers and our sons whose eyes were already on mine.

"Bianca is dead"I say and all my brothers looked at me in shock.

"Who is Bianca dad?"my first born son said

"Our sister"Mike my brother replied

"So?"my other brother Nick, Mike's twin said irritated. You see I have 4 siblings 1 sister and 3 brothers, I'm the oldest, Mike the second followed by his twin who has a bad temper, Bianca our sister being the fourth then the fifth and the youngest is Matteo the quieter one.

"You see, she has children and I agreed to take them in"

"Are you f*cking kidding me right now, why are we taking them in? can't they be sent to a foster care or something"Nick said annoyed

"Mind your tone Nick"I warned him and he just rolled his eyes.

"What about their father"Mike asked

"He is unknown"

"How many are they?"he asked again

"Twin boys from what that officer knows"I replied and he nodded

"I'm going to pick them up tomorrow morning"I said


I woke up on someone's lap my head resting on that someone's shoulder. When I removed my head to look at the person I was sleeping on I saw my brother Aiden still asleep. Aries was in the corner eating snacks while on his phone.

"Good morning baby sis"he said not looking up from his phone.

"Hand your phone to me" I said removing Aid's hand that was on my waist and walking over to him.

"No, why? Don't you have a phone?"he said hiding his phone behind his back.

"I do I just forgot it at home"

"Well that's not my problem sis it's yours"he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Can you just give me your phone"I said with a deadly serious tone bringing my open palm forward. We stayed there looking at each other dead in the eye until he gave up.

"Okay fine"he huffs and put his phone on my palm.

I used the phone to look at my face and it looked like shit. I fixed myself and returned the phone to the owner after I was done.

"So what did I miss" I asked

"Well we will be living with the uncles"Aries said

"What uncles?"I  asked confused

"Our mother's brothers"Aiden said. Looks like he woke up.

"I didn't see that coming"I said

"You and me both lil sis"Aries said chewing on his snacks.

"What do we do now Aid"Aries asked after finishing his snacks and pulled me onto his lap.


"I don't know"I say truthfully. I honestly don't know what to do we have a mafia to run, our uncles and other things.

"We need to go home first"I said in a matter of fact.

"Okay I will go and talk to an officer. Let's go Ali"he said standing up along with Ali.

"Please be nice even if it's a little bit"I said worryingly knowing Aries and his temper.

"When am I not"he said rolling his eyes.

"Are you coming Ali"he asked her and she nodded and they left.

I signed and turned on my phone to be met with my wallpaper the picture of me, Ari and Ali on a ferris wheel. We were 13 at that time. Our sister never ever acted like a thirteen year old she was mature very mature. She never talked to mom even if she asked her a question and it would make her angry. When she did talk it was only in Italiano and mom would get much more angry at one point slap her hard on the cheeks, I don't know why mom hates Italiano that much though. Ali never showed emotions she was just like a shell but when months passed by she started to show emotions only when she was with me and Ari even though it was rare she still did even now she does that.

I signed and turned off my phone putting it back on the table. After sometime the door opened and in came Ali and Ari.

"So?"I say waiting for them to say something.

"Oh yeah we talked to the receptionist and she said she will send officer John to send us soon"Ali said

"Okay"I say and we waited for a while until the door was opened and officer John came inside.

"Let's go shall we " John said and we followed him to his car.

I was on the right side Ari in the middle and Ali on the left side behind the passenger seat like always. We were both at the backseat. The officer John sat on the driver's seat and we set off to our home well I was directing him since he didn't know where we lived.


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