Chapter 14 (Edited)

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Me and my brothers were wearing matching outfits

The outfit 👆( Aries and Aiden were wearing the same outfit as the boy whileAlissa wore the same as the girl )

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The outfit 👆
( Aries and Aiden were wearing the same outfit as the boy while
Alissa wore the same as the girl )

"Did you both pack your stuff?"Aiden asked looking at me and Ari. We both nodded

"Are you sure"he asked again and we nodded

"I mean your macbooks and phon..."he said before Ari cut him off.

"For f*cks sake Aid we said we packed everything don't you f*cking understand, you're annoying us right now"Aries said annoyed and Aid just shrugged.

"Language kid and since you're done let's go we will be waiting for the uncles downstairs at the reception"Aid said smirking and I can tell the first 2 words were mocking.

"I'm.not.a.kid"Ari seethed

"Whatever you say little brother "Aid smugly said.

"Don't get full on yourself Aid cause your only older than me by 5 minutes "Ari said irritated

"Still I'm older than you"Aid said.

"Whatever"Aries rolled his eyes.

"Anyways let's go " Aid said. We both picked up 2 suitcases each and went downstairs.

We arrived downstairs and there was not a single soul walking around well I can't blame them since it's almost 6am in the morning.

We sat down on the chairs by we I mean me and Aid. I took my phone and strolled through social media to pass some time.

"Why ain't you sitting down" I heard Aid asking Ari.

"I'm gonna get some coffee for myself"Ari said walking away.

"Bring some black tea for me"I say to him without looking up but I can tell he stopped to look at me.

"Do I look like a servant you"he said

"No but you sure look like my brother Aries"I say finally looking up at him.

"Fine"he said walking away and I went back to my phone.


My sister Ali was on the phone while I stared outside the window until I saw a police car followed by a fancy car packing at the entrance.

A bodyguard opened the backseat door of the fancy car for someone.

That someone stepped out and from the looks of it he seems to be in his late 40s and he walked inside the hotel followed by a different officer, I wonder why they keep on changing the officers. I guess this man is our uncle.

The man was wearing a black trouser with a white shit which was unbuttoned at the top and the sleeves rolled up exposing his many tattoos.

The officer's eyes looked around the room until they landed on me and they began to walk towards us.

"Hello there "he said smiling "This is your uncle, Eric" he continued gesturing at Eric. I looked at him to find him looking at my sister who hasn't looked up from her phone yet in shock, I don't know why but...

"HEY ALI I GOT YOUR F*CKING BLACK TEA" Aries shouted walking towards Ali. I guess he hasn't notice that we have company since he hasn't said anything.

"Here, take it" he said. Ali raised her hand still not looking up from her phone, took the tea and sipped it having no care in the world.

Aries turned around to be face to face with the uncle. Wait for it in 3...2...1

"WHO THE F*CK IS THIS" he asked the police officer.

"Oh that is your uncle" he replied and Ari scoffed.


So our uncle huh *scoff*

"Hey is something wrong with your sister" the officer asked.

"No why?"Aid said

"She hasn't looked up from her phone could she perhaps be deaf?" the officer said

"MY SISTER IS NOT DEAF YOU F*CKING PRICK, YOU'RE THE DEAF ONE"Aries yelled at the poor officer.

"Ali please at least acknowledge the presence of the one who is willing to take us in"Aid whispered to me.

I signed and turned off my phone before putting it back inside my bag, stood up and looked up at our uncle with my usual cold look except when I'm only with my brothers.

I saw him looking at me in shock. I guess they didn't know about me, this is gonna be awkward but do I care? F*CK NO I DON'T, I mean why would I?

Eric our oldest uncle. Became the capo of the American Mafia after his father's death. Good at guns, knives and fighting.
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