Chapter 32

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I pushed open the door as I entered and everyone in the class including the teacher looked at me.

"What?" I snapped.

"Why are you late" the teacher asked.

"Maybe it's because I'm new?" I said calmly.

"Oh okay I'm Mrs Johnson your history teacher. Will you stand here and introduce yourself to us" she said pointing infront of the class.

"I'm Alissa" I said looking at everyone with my emotionless face.

"Okay you may sit down Alissa" she said and I went to sit at a vacant chair near the window.

As she began teaching I looked outside the window.

I could feel the cute needy girl besides me hesitating to talk to me but I just ignored her cause I don't want friends.

"Alissa could you answer the question?" The Physics teacher Mr Lorth snapped me from my thoughts.

"What was the question again sir?" I asked.

"So you were not listening to me?" He said angrily.

"You see I was so busy with my thoughts to even listen to you" I said honestly.

"Detention after school" he shouted.

"You didn't have to shout sir I would have still heard you" I lowly said and the whole class bursted into laughter.

"Shut up" he shouted angrily and the class kept quiet.

"You, you're going straight to detention after school" he said pointing at me.

The siren rang indicating that it was time for a break. I packed my stuffs into my school bag and walked upstairs to my locket.

On the way there, I saw three girls surrounding another girl who I couldn't see her face properly since she put her head between her knees, it looked like they were bullying her.

I sighed and passed them to my locket. I opened it, put my bag inside and closed it. As I walked passed those girls again I noticed something and I paused and looked at the bullied girl again. Her hairpin looks so familiar to that cute needy girl.

I walked towards the girls and cleared my throat making them turn towards me.

"What? Do you need something or are you lost?" The one who I think is the leader said.

"I want her" I calmly said pointing at the bullied girl.

"That's impossible b*tch" she said but I ignored her and picked the bullied girl so she stood on her feet. Now that I got a clear look at her face, she is the same cute needy girl. She was shocked to see me, she wiped her tears and looked down.

"Hey how dare y..." The leader of the bullies said trying to slap me but I got ahold of her hand and punched her in the face breaking her plastic nose and it bleed. I didn't even punch her that hard but her nose is already broken tsk tsk and she has the nerve to bully other people.

Her minions looked at me terrified.

"Now scram"I said this time using my cold voice which made them more terrified and they ran away

"This is not done" the leader said holding her bleeding nose as she ran away too.

"T-thanks" the needy girl said

"Why did they bully you?" I asked.

"I don't know everyone else always do that" she said about to cry. I don't know how to deal with emotional people you know.

"Where are your friends?" I asked.

"I don't have friends. No one wants to be my friend" she said. Some tears dropped from her eyes but she wiped them fast. She's so innocent, I'm not qualified to be her friend.

"What's your name"I asked.

"Kimberly" she said

"I'm Alissa" I said

"Yes I know." She said smiling

"Okay um can you tell me where the cafeteria is?" I asked.

"Yeah it's downstairs on the second floor" she said. I nodded and turned to leave.

"Wait" she said and I stopped and turned around to look at her.

"C- can I s-it with you at the cafeteria that is if you d-don't mind, what am I saying I will understand if you don't want to sit next to me too. I mean I'm sorry never..." She mumbled before I cut her off. She's so cute.

"Sure I wouldn't mind sitting with you let's go" I said and she looked at me like I've grown two heads.

"W-what, are you sure?" She asked and I nodded.

We went downstairs to the cafeteria which was full of people. I sat alone at the table in the corner away from people's eyes waiting for Kimberly as she went to fill her tray with food.

After sometime she came back and sat down opposite me.

"Are you sure you don't want to eat? This food is amazing" she said.

"No I'm fine" I said.

"Oka..." She said before she was cut off by the cafeteria door being slammed open making the crowd quite.

I looked up to see who slammed it open and was not surprised when I saw that it was the Rossi boys along with my brothers and their friends.

They walked in slow motion and sat on the table that was in the center.

"That's the Rossi boys and Romanos they are cousins from what I know and the others are their friends. They are very very popular in school after Asher though" she said lowering her voice when she said after Asher.

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