Chapter 16 (Edited)

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"Ali wake up and put on your seatbelt the jet is about to land" Aries said. I sat up straight and put the seatbelt on.

"Let's go quickly I have many things to do" our uncle said getting off the jet after it landed.

"Come on Ari" Aries said getting off the jet along with Aiden. I guess they didn't want to anger our uncle. Me on the other hand took my time folding the blanket, putting it on the settee before checking if my necklace, gun and daggers that my dad gave me were still hidden, and thank God they were.

I can't believe I will be under the same roof with those Americans. I know for sure that some if not all of my cousins are the so called prince and princess who don't have manners and are obviously spoiled brats. It's gonna be a lot hard to keep myself from putting a bullet through their skulls. I signed and walked out of the jet to see 5 black Range Rovers lined up and 2 bodyguards were beside each, they had on sunglasses ( they were like the typical bodyguards on movies ).

I take my time walking down the steps of the jet and I can see my uncle getting annoyed and glaring at me maybe he thinks I will walk fast if he does but no I still took my time until I reached and stood beside Aiden.

We sat inside the middle Range Rover. Me and my brothers were at the backseat, the uncle on the passenger and the driver on the driver's seat.

The drive was long and boring very boring. I can't stand the thought of living with many people. At first I thought I could just escape and go live with uncle Dominico but I gave up on that when I remembered about my brothers, I mean I can't just leave them here with these uncles who I don't even in the slightest bit trust. These people killed their own father and mother, they even abandoned their sister so they won't hesitate to kill my brothers when they find out that they are the leaders of the Spanish mafia just to get their status.

If they try to lay a single finger on them then ladies and gentlemen it will my honour to pluck their hearts out with my bare hands.

We reach our destination at night. The car slowed down outside of the gate and 2 guards guarding the gate bowed their heads and the gates opened.

We drive up the driveway and in the middle there was a statue like fountain with water flowing out of it. When I look up I saw a mansion no a castle it was beautiful but I was not surprised I mean come on I have leaved in a fucking palace for 13yrs so how will I be surprised by seeing a castle?

 When I look up I saw a mansion no a castle it was beautiful but I was not surprised I mean come on I have leaved in a fucking palace for 13yrs so how will I be surprised by seeing a castle?

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( A/N; This is how the castle looks like but with a statue like fountain in the middle )

The car came to a stop and some body guard opened the door for us. When we got outside the car the uncle turned to look at us as if saying 'look how reach we are' and to see us admiring their castle. But to his disappointment we both when I mean both I mean me and Ari kept our cold emotionless face while Aid kept his calm facade. The guards carried our suitcases

"Okay let's go shall we"the uncle said walking to the front door.

I signed and followed him along with my brothers.

When we got to the front door the uncle rang the doorbell and mind you it took forever to open and my patience was beginning to fade.

"Who the f*ck takes an eternity to open the f*cking door" Aries whisper yelled to me and Aid. You see we were far behind our uncle so he didn't hear what Aries said.

"Even though I agree with you on this one, you have to shut up or else Uncle Eric might hear you"Aid said

After about 10 minutes the door opened and out came a lady wearing a simple light yellow dress.

"Hey honey" She said hugging Eric, I guess it's his wife Elina. I know everything about everyone from the Rossi family from their children's boyfriend/girlfriends and all of their secrets. Don't ask me how, since I won't tell you it's a secret.

Aries being the most impatient one cleared his throat causing everyone's attention to go to him.

The lady released Eric from the hug and flushed in embarrassment.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you there"she said.

"By the way my name is Elina and please come inside"she said walking inside. Elina she is an assassin fell in love with Eric on one of the missions they went to. Good at knives and guns.

The house was gorgeous and luxurious inside too but I'm actually not surprised and that amazed.


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