Chapter 6 ( Edited)

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"I'll wait for you here" officer John said to us, we nodded and got to the big front door.

"Ari you got your keys"Aid asked Ari who was searching his pockets like him for their keys. I just stood there and watched them.

"No, Ali how about you?"Ari said

"Yep, what will you guys do without me"I said while taking out my keys from my pockets and unlocking the door. Then we got inside.

( A/N; I suck at description so l thought l could upload a pic of how the mansion looks like )

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( A/N; I suck at description so l thought l could upload a pic of how the mansion looks like )

You know I will never get used to this mansion it doesn't have a homie vibe, well for me it's full of white. I'm used to my dad's palace where black is the theme.

When we got inside Aries went to the couch in the living room and sat down, leaning his back on it with his legs crossed on the table and he signed.

"Ain't we supposed to be packing?"I asked him

"Of course captain obvious"he said and I rolled my eyes. You know sometimes he is lucky because he's my brother.

"I'm serious, you have to take your ass off that couch and pack your stuff"I say

"No my ass had been on that f*cking uncomfortable metal seat for like years now so just let it enjoy the comfortability of this couch"he said "Why don't you go pack yours and leave my ass alone"he continued.

"Let him be Ali let's go pack I will help you first"Aid said

"No you go pack yours and l will pack mine so we save time". Can't let him see my weapons now can I. I know they told me about their mafia but still I can't let them know I'm also involved in this stuff more involved. My dad's assistant secretly brought these weapons the day after I settled down with my mom for 'safety'

He nodded and we both went to our rooms. Our rooms were on the left side while our mother's was on the right. I passed Aid's room then Ari's and finally I got to mine.

My room was all black, the walls, the blankets, the bathroom, walk in closet and everything were all black even most of my clothes were BLACK like my soul.

I open the door to my right which enters the bathroom. I strip out of my clothes and hop inside the cold shower. What? I feel like taking a cold bath.


After about 15 minutes I get out of the shower and wrap my black fluffy towel around me.

I walk out of the bathroom to my walk  in closet. I wear my baggy black sweatpants and my baggy black t-shirt along with my undergarments. I put my long blonde hair into a high ponytail.

I stood on top of a chair and reach for my two suitcases which were on top of my wardrobe. I'm not planning to take all clothes so 2 suitcases are fine.

When I successful pulled them down I opened the first one putting everything and anything I will need inside. The second one I put my guns, knives, daggers etc and then put some of my clothes on top of them to hide them. I put my iphone, ipad, macbook and my other electronic devices inside my backpack along with my chargers.

I feel like I forgot something important. What is it? I thought to myself.

Oh yeah the necklace my dad gave me and the gun along with the daggers. I take out the golden heart locket and smiled at the words craved on it 'il mio piccolo diavolo' . Me and my dad's relationship is interesting to put it simply.

I put the necklace around my neck and cover it with my t-shirt. I roll my carpet to expose my safe. I put the code in and it opened. I took the gun and twin daggers my dad gave me personally when I was 5 years, yeah I know you shocked but that's a story for another time. The gun and the twin daggers were gold and they had a symbol for the Italian Mafia and a small fire dragon. I know it's not the best thing to have when I'm surrounded by other mafias.

I pick the gun and the daggers and hid them on me. I doubt we will have to go through the airport security because I'm sure the uncles have a private jet.

I look around my room again and signed. I will miss it. I took my suitcases and backpack, turned off the lights and went downstairs to see Aid and Ari already there sitting on the couch.

I put all my suitcases along with my backpack next to the door. And walked to the kitchen.

"Where are you going"Aries voice echoed through the living room.

"Kitchen"I say

"Bring something for me"he said and I set off to the kitchen.

When I arrived in the kitchen I opened the cupboard and took one pack of chips for me and 3 chocolates, one for me, one for Aid and one for Ari.

"Ali it's time to go"Aid shouted from the living room.

"Okay I'm coming"I shouted back and closed the cupboard walking to where they were.


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