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"Hold on," you say to Link and stop him right as you leave the Guard's Chambers. "I just remembered... Don't we have another captured memory that's in the castle?"

"Oh, we do," Link says as he gets out his Sheikah Slate. He flips to the album and opens up the last picture. "It's outside. Looks to maybe be on a stone terrace."

You look at the picture over his shoulder. It definitely looks familiar, but then again, everything looks the same when it's destroyed. "This will be hard," you mutter. "Let's go look for it before we head to the sanctum."

"Good idea," he says and hooks the slate back to its place on his belt. "So, where's the way out?"

You pause, looking around the windowless hallway. "I think there was one this way," you say, 
"follow me."

You guide Link back to the raised platform where you used Revali's Gale to get to. Directly opposite of the entrance to this room was an exit. You both head for the outside, but immediately duck back in as you spot a guardian. 

Link curses. "How many ancient arrows do you have?"

You pause to count. "Fourteen. If I play my cards right, we should have enough to get to the sanctum."

"Right. I trust you." 

A smile appears on your face after he says that. 

You look out the exit again and trail the guardian skywatcher with your eyes as it patrols the cliffs. It looks too far away for you and Link to be in range of its vision, but you don't want to take the risk.

You wait for the skywatcher to hover away from you before you and Link both make a dash for the staircase. You climb the set of stairs, then another. Now out of the way of danger, you take shelter under an arch to catch your breath. 

"(Y/N), look," Link whispers while pointing to the nearest structure. It was a tower that connected to the rest of the castle by a terrace. "Is that it?"

"Is it?" you echo his question. "That was easy to find after all."

But as you say that, another skywatcher comes into sight, its assigned patrol was to circle the tower. 

"You've got to be kidding me," you say. "There's no way we can get up there without being seen."

"Maybe so," Link says, "but that doesn't mean we can't hide after they see us."

It's risky, but it's the only option you have. You squint your eyes at the terrace and find it connects to a broken opening to the room immediately following. "Worth a shot," you decide. 

On Link's silent countdown, you both rush to the base of the tower and begin scaling it. Your hands quickly become sore as you grab stone after stone with a tight grip. Nearing the top where the climb is the hardest, you step into the sight of the skywatcher. It's lights turn to a menacing red as its eye begins concentrating a deadly red beam. Memories of what a blast from a guardian felt surfaces and makes you shudder. 

Link makes a jump for the top and grabs the ledge before hoisting himself up. Without hesitation, he turns around and reaches down a hand to help you. His other hand grabs his shield. 

The guardian starts beeping faster before it finally shoots a lethal ray of light. Link parries the beam and causes it to ricochet right back into the guardian's eye. The machine starts breaking down and falls from the sky.

Link helps pull you up to the terrace. You stumble slightly, but catch yourself as you stare at the broken guardian on the ground. You didn't have time to stop and stare, however, as another guardian beam begins targeting you. The new guardian sits slightly obscured by stone, but is still able to get a shot in. 

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