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You walk with Link up the path in Goron City on the search for the leader. In your luck, you spy a Goron elder outside of a structure with what only could be a giant sized throne on the inside. You walk up to the stranger and you can hear him growling under his breath. "Drat!" He bursts out of nowhere, "that blasted Rudania!"

"What's wrong?" you speak up. The elder turned, not expecting to be overheard. He looked around before directing his eyes straight down at you. The height difference was incredible.

"With Rudania runnin' wild recently, " he began with a voice of gravel, "Death Mountain's eruptions have gotten real bad. Do you see Rudania stompin' around there on the mountain?" He gestured to the salamander machine crawling on the distant cliffs. "They say that 100 years ago, it actually used to protect our people from harm... but that was then and this is now! Now all it does is mess up our mining operations! We're all suffering because it's stoppin' us from doin' business! I can't tell ya how many times we've used that cannon to chase off that fiend." The elder threw his fists in the air. "But it always comes back!!-- Arrrgh..." He stiffened as a horrible cracking sound came from his back.

"Are you okay?" you ask with wide eyes. 

"Hmph, it's just some back pain..." he assures. "Wait, who are you?"

"Travelers," you reply

"I see... So, then, you came all this way to pay your respects to me? I like you already, brother!" He grinned with a slight grimace still from the pain. "Well, my name's Bludo," he boomed. "I'm the great Goron boss. I was plannin' to drive off Rudania like I always do, but then this blasted pain in my back flared up outta nowhere... That blasted Yunobo... When will he return?" he muttered.

"Who's Yunobo?" you ask, hoping that you're not prying into personal territory.

"Yunobo is a young Goron that helps me drive off Rudania. He went to go grab some painkillers from the North Mine, but he hasn't come back yet. Hey--" he tightens his fist that makes a sound of leather-- "If you happen to see Yunobo, will you tell him that I'm lookin' for him?"

"Sure thing," you nod and walk back the boss. A while away, you turn to Link expectedly. He was already a step ahead of you, looking at the Sheikah Slate's map for the North Mine.

"Right here," he says and points to the screen. "It's not too far. It's surrounded by lava, that sucks." 

"Yeah, I'm already tired of this place. These clothes are so heavy and add resistance to our movement. I really hope they don't become an inconvenience," you mutter, then wish you had some wood to knock on. 

"Then we better not stand around. Here, follow me," Link says and takes you up the path. It doesn't take long before you arrive in the North Mine. You come across a strange structure caked in rust. "Is this one of Bludo's cannons?" Link asks.

"My guess is as good as yours. But I'm assuming so," you say. You inspect the metal tubing leading to the bore of the cannon. You suddenly jolt and nearly lose your footing as Link swings his sword and hits the lever, causing the cannon to rotate. He ended up falling over, making you almost laugh.

"So that's what that does," he narrates, awkwardly rubbing his neck. You crack a smile and turn back to the metalwork. Link hums in thought next to you. "This looks like it's big enough for..."

He grabs the Sheikah Slate and selects the Remote Bombs rune. With a flash of blue light, a perfectly spherical, remote bomb materialized in front of him. He hooked the slate back on his belt and cupped his hands around the floating device. As soon as he touched it, gravity returned to normal and nearly caused Link to drop it.

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