Inogo Bridge

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You and Link walk next to each other, already back in Central Hyrule. Link stares at his Sheikah Slate and looks at the marker to where Divine Beast Vah Ruta is, in an unmapped area.

You follow the main path which runs over a bridge. You stop in your tracks as you hear something stirring in the water. Link turns around with a puzzled look. 

"Hey!" you hear someone call. You walk to the edge of the bridge and lean down, setting a person with very peculiar piscine features.

"Hey!" she calls again upon seeing your grabbed attention. "Are you the heroes? The ones everyone has heard of? The ones in the prophecy?" she asks eagerly. You nod in response. "Thank the goddess! We need your help! Zora's Domain is in dire need for the last champions! Please help us." 

You nod again, "we are headed there now. You can count on us!" The Zora smiled and then dove into the water. "Come on," you beckon Link. You begin running, now motivated more than ever.


You wait for Link to get the Lanayru tower with night falling around you. The orange glow of dusk lines the horizon. You look around in the dark and can see a blue light in the wooded grass. Curious, you approach the glow and remember the rabbit creature from when you awoke.

A glowing bunny with the face of an owl rubs its nose and doesn't notice you. You stare at its figure and smile. It then notices you and stands still, both of you making eye contact. You slowly crouch down. The rabbit slowly approaches you, very cautious. You stick your hand out and just before your hand touches the creature, it disappears in a white light with the sound of a bell.  

You wish you could have seen the creature for longer, but you smiled that you got to witness the adorable animal.

You turned around to the mechanical whirring coming from the tower. You watched the lights change to blue as light swirled around it. You saw Link jump from the top of the tower and paraglide at the last moment to land. You jog over to him.

"How close until Zora's Domain?" you ask. He pulls out the map and examines the marker.

"Not far now," he says. Even though the skies soon faded into an inky black, neither you, or Link felt the slightest bit tired.


Soon, a storm started lingering in the sky and rained down. This didn't slow your pace or bring down your motivation. You merely pulled the hood over your head and kept walking. You and Link ran to a magnificent bridge made of blue stone with lanterns serving as a beacon in the rain. 

"Say, hey there! Young ones!" you hear a voice call. You look around for any Zora in the waters but didn't see any. "Up top! Above you!" the voice called again.

You looked up to see a figure standing on the tower to the left of you. You gasped and saw the Zora jump down from such a hight and strike a landing. 

"Pardon the entrance, but you are Hylians, aren't you?" he asks. He stands much taller than you, wearing silver jewelry and charming attire shaping his figure that resembled a shark. "I was hoping perhaps you'd have a moment to talk," he opens his arms as presenting himself. He looks at both you and Link closer.

"Aha!" he exclaims as he spots your pointed ears. "Hylians! Yes, I knew it! Oh... pardon me. I am Sidon, the Zora Prince," he smiles with sharp teeth and strikes a heroic pose. "And what are your names? Go on, please tell me!"

"I am Link, and this is (Y/N)," Link gestures to you.

"Link and (Y/N)? What fantastic names! Hmmm... though I cannot shake the feeling off that I have heard them somewhere before," he mutters. "Well, in any case, what strong names!" He compliments you and Link at any chance he has.

"To be honest, I have been watching you," Sidon confesses. "I've seen the way you work. I can tell by how you carry yourselves that you two are no ordinary Hylians. You two must be strong warriors among the Hylians, correct?"

"That's right," Link says.

"Aha! Just as I suspected! I am a Zora prince after all. I have an eye for talent that is unparalleled! Yes! Exquisite!" he cheers. Every word he spoke was full of enthusiasm. "I have been searching for someone like you two for a long while. Warriors like you, Link and (Y/N), who carry themselves with power! Right now, Zora's Domain is in grave danger because of the massive rainfall from Divine Beast Vah Ruta! Please promise you will help us! We need your strength, good warriors! Won't you please come to Zora's Domain with me?"

"Sure thing," Link answers for the two of you. 

"Wow! Really?! Thank you! You are clearly the warriors I thought you were! Now Zora's Domain will be saved for certain! No time to waste. Hurry up and head over!" Sidon advises. "Because of the rain, the cliffs are too wet to climb. To reach the Domain, you will need to head straight along this path. The path to the Domain might be a bit treacherous. You likely have a tough fight in store. There are monsters ahead that attack with electricity." He pauses for a second and then notices the tension. 

"But don't give up! I believe in you!" He strikes another heroic pose. "I have something I would like to give you. Just a small trinket to show I have faith in you." He smiles and hands Link an Electro Elixir. "It is a drink that will increase your resistance to electricity! It should work wonders for you! I will go ahead and make sure there is nothing strange going on where you are headed. I'm counting on you!" 

Sidon preforms a tremendous backflip and lands in the waters around. You look over at Link and give him a 'lets do this' look. You then run across the bridge with Link, prepared to face the dangers ahead.


It didn't take long before the first camp of Lizalfos blocked your path. Link gets out the Electro Elixir and drinks half of the bottle. He pulls a face and shivers.

"Ugh, that is... not good," he shutters, resisting using strong language, and hands the bottle to you. You look at the yellow-green liquid and down the rest of the bottle. An extremely bitter taste meets your tongue. You shake off the disgust from your face and hand the empty bottle back to Link. He pockets it and gets out his sword.

"Ready?" you ask him and draw your sword.

"Ready," he confirms.

You run to the nearest Lizalfos. It croaks out a strange warning to the others, who grab their weapons. The ones on the platforms begin loading their bows with shock arrows that conjured electric power.

You take a breath and feel more memory return to you. You have defeated monsters like this before, you knew it. And you knew exactly how to best them. 

You slash the Lizalfos horn off, causing a critical hit. You run your blade clean through the monster, who falls to the ground with its life taken away. Its weakened grip drops its weapon lifelessly. You pry your sword form the corpse that dripped with dark blood. 

You turn and climb the latter to a post where an archer stood. It nocks the bow with a shock arrow that vibrates and zaps the air around it. 

Before it releases the arrow, you sweep its leg and force it to fall and slip off the platform. You grab the bow that fell out of its grip and scoop up the sopping wet arrows in their quiver. You draw back an arrow and took a deep breath, focusing on a point square between the eyes of an archer aiming at Link, hitting a bullseye. You grab another arrow and fire it at another Lizalfos further up the path. You snatch another arrow from your quiver and knock it in the bow. Just before you let go, a paralyzing pain surges through you and forces you to drop your weapon.

A Lizalfos stands behind you with a thunderblade, cackling at the damage it delt. You fall to the ground off the platform with crackles of electricity zapping in lights around your form. It seeps into your skin and burns your muscles. You pushed yourself to get up and retrieve your bow to hook it in place on your back. You get out your sword and throw it at the Lizalfos with the thunderblade. The blade tore the thick scales on its chest and kills it. It falls off the platform in a heap. You collect your sword and fight more alongside Link.

After seven Lizalfos camps were defeated, you and Link reach Zora's Domain at last.

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