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The plague lifts from the control unit and the system glows a welcoming amber. You take deep breaths and tell your racing heart that it's over. Link walks over to the unit and scans the Sheikah Slate at last. The final divine beast glows blue once again and is free from Ganon's control.

"Great work, my friends!" Daruk called with a closer voice. You and Link turn and see the Goron's spirit walking forward with arms open wide. He drops his arms once he remembers that he is no longer quite solid enough to give his signature hugs. "I owe you big for this," he continues with sincerity. "Because of you, my spirit is finally free. Can't thank you enough!"

He pauses for a second and looks at the ground. "I feel like I should apologize," he says and scratches his head. "I was doing all that I could to protect Hyrule when that thing got the best of me. Sorry that my resting with the rubble caused such a mess. The good news is Rudania is now back under our control! That means our century-old Ganon beat-down plan can finally go into effect." He forms a fist with a grin.

"I'm going to take this down the mountain," Daruk claims. "I'll get a better shot at Ganon there. And then, once you've made your way into Hyrule castle, we're gonna light that thing up!" He cracks his knuckles with the sound of boulders breaking. "Little guy," he turns to Link as he put his fists down, "I want to give you something. It's a special power of mine called Daruk's Protection. It is no good for me now that I am a spirit... but it might be useful for you. Here it comes!" 

He claps his large hands together and used all of his energy to spread them apart, where light begins forming in between. It spins together like twine and glows a faint but brilliant orange. He throws it forward and gifts it to Link, absorbing it into his chest.

The new magic lifts him off his feet and into the air with particles of fire dancing around him. He lands on the ground again and crushes his fists together, testing the power, and materializing the geometric shield around him. He stares at his hands and flexes his fingers, marveled at the new ability.

"From this moment forth, the power of protection, from the depths of my soul, now lives inside you." Daruk pats his chest with a fist before turning to you. "Commander," he addresses, "you received quite a hit. Maybe go and visit those hot springs again, y'know, for old times' sake," he suggests with a cheeky wink.

A smile spreads on your face and you nod as a light begins to glow around you and Link, ready to transport you back to Goron City. "Good luck, my friends," Daruk bids farewell. "And give my regards to the princess," he salutes. 

You salute back and your vision fades to white. 


You find yourself back at the entrance of Goron City, now with all four Divine Beasts on your side. 

You had done it. The four major quests were complete. 

You can hear a faint mumbling again in the voice of the princess. Your ears perk up as you listen closer. Next to you, Link can hear the voice as well.

"...(Y/N)... Link... Thank to you, all of the Divine Beasts have returned to us, and the spirits of the champions are free. We will be awaiting your clash with Ganon at Hyrule Castle."

You and Link both look at each other and a mutual smile spreads to your faces. You take an involuntary step towards him, and before you knew what you were doing, you wrap your arms around him in a hug.

He slowly raised his arms before returning the tight hug. 

You did it together.

The both of you eventually pull out of the hug and give each other sincere looks. 

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