Hylian Homeowner

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You wake up the next day around the early morning. You sit up with the memory from last night refreshing through your thoughts. 'Should I tell Link?' you think. You try and remember what your sword looked like, but the details kept trickling away, like trying to keep water in cupped hands. You look to the table and see the Sheikah Pin waiting to be worn again. You grab it and blink the blurriness out of your eyes, wishing you could remember the name of the musician that gave you the pin. 

After a few minutes, you glance outside and see the sun has arisen. You make the decision to wake Link.

"Hey Link, get up," you say and shake his shoulders. He groans and rolls over, covering his head with the covers. "Come on, wake up." No reply. You think of what to say, "I'll make crepes." 

His eyes snap open to your words and sits up. 

"Alright I'm up," he yawns. You chuckle under your breath.

"Come on, get up. I want to head to Hateno." You say as you pull on your hood and strap on your belt.

"How come?" he inquires.

"I remember they have bomb arrows," you reply. "Plus, it is just down the main road."

"Fair enough," he says.

Once you and Link walk out of the inn, you start making your way back to Ginger. 

"You forgetting something?" Link calls. You turn around and raise an eyebrow at his slyness. "You promised breakfast." 

"Ugh, right," you say and head back to the cooking station. You make the batter and start cooking up some wildberry crepes. Link watches with interest.

"Do you think you could teach me how to cook?" he asks as he adjusts his seating. You are slightly startled by the request.

"Sure, I guess," you say. You fold in the berries and whipped cream and hand it to Link. He grabs it and starts eating it like he hasn't eaten in months, already getting cream on his face. You laugh and Link looks up, stopping mid-bite.

"What?" he says with his mouth full. "You're such a good cook." You look away and feel your face getting hot at the compliment.

"Thanks," you mutter and start eating your own crepe.

Once both of you are finished, you stand and head for the exit. You see Ginger waiting patiently and go to untie him. You yank one end of the rope and the quick release knot comes right undone. You hop on Ginger's saddle with Link following suit.

You head for Hateno. The journey there was so quiet, you were lost in thought the whole way, listening to the wildlife. You hardly noticed that you didn't have to direct Ginger, as he just followed the path all on his own.

When you arrive in Hateno, you smile at the beauty of the place. You lead Ginger to the nearest post and tie him once again. He lets out an annoyed neigh. You pat his nose to comfort him.

"I know, I know Ginger. But we won't be here for long. Here, have a snack." You get out an apple from your bag and toss it. Ginger catches it and starts chomping loudly. You walk to the merchant and see the selection of bomb arrows you came here for. You grab the three bundles and the others and walked up to the counter. 

"Bomb arrows? That will be 600 rupees," he says.

"Sweet Hylia I don't have that much!" you gasp. You put back a few arrows and the price dropped quite a few. Bomb arrows are very useful so it only makes sense that they would be crazy expensive. 

Link buys some cooking ingredients. You assumed these were for the times you are going to teach him how to cook.

You walk out of the store and are about to leave Hateno, when a consistent banging noise catches your attention. You stop and look around for the source. 

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