The Final Battle

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Link flicks Epona's reigns with a cry and bolts forward. He reaches up and snatches the Bow of Light out of the air.

You command Ginger forward and pilot him to gallop in large circles in front of Ganon.

"That energy covering Ganon's body is called Malice," Princess Zelda's distant voice says. "None of your attacks will get through as he now is... I will hold the Malice back as much as I can, but my power is waning. Attack any glowing points that you see! May you be victorious!"

Dark Beast Ganon growled deeply and trampled the ground beneath him. He opened his mouth and beamed a sterling concentration of blinding red light from his jaw. The light violently destroyed the ground in front of him and annihilated everywhere he pointed. 

You spur Ginger faster and just barely dodge the attack, hot on your tail. Once you get too close to Ganon's face, he angrily expelled steam from his pig nose and shook his head, battling you with his giant tusks. 

"Come on, Ginger. Come on!" You say as you stroke his neck. Ginger stays concentrated and swift, thanking you for your soothing gestures. 

"Now's your chance!" Zelda urged Link. You take a chancing glance back and see beams of Zelda's light had appeared on Dark Beast Ganon's body. The light acted as targets that guided Link where to aim with the bow.

Link sits up on Epona and finds an arrow made of pure light already nocked and ready. He draws back the string, remembering all he has learned, and fires the light at the targets. In an explosion, the light dissolves some of the malice. 

"Ganon's power is weakening!" Zelda says once the first set of targets were destroyed. 

Ganon roars and turns to advance on Link. You catch up to Link and steer Ginger in taunting circles around him. Ganon throws a fit, stomping on the ground, and develops another blast of light in his jowls. 

The beam is directed at you and you take the opportunity to steer the attack away from Link as he destroys Zelda's targets one by one. 

"It's working!"

You and Link both spot the next target that shined directly on Ganon's belly. You then rush over to the front of Ganon and take out your bow. Your attacks meant nothing, but you needed a distraction.

You yell taunts at him as you use up the remainder of your ancient arrows, hoping the light from those would be distracting enough.

Thankfully, it was. Ganon knocks its tusks around and charges up another laser. You command Ginger to run in a circle around it to avoid getting hit. 

"We're so close!"

The sky's sunset suddenly is masked over by a blood moon that broiled the sky. Clouds frenzied in the heavens.

"Link! Look up there!" Another glowing target materialized on Ganon's forehead, ripping through his flesh. "That's the very core of Ganon's being! Do what you must, Link!"

Link reroutes to Ganon's front, following his instructions. You direct Ginger to step back, now having no way to distract the attacks. It is all on Link.

Gales of wind with the forces of destiny emit from the ground. Link takes a leap off of Epona and deploys his paraglider to ride the wind. You watch as he is sent high into the sky, level with Ganon's exposed Maliced eyes. 

"Do it, Link!" you and Zelda both yell.

In suspension with held breath, Link draws the last arrow and releases it.

Bright light destroys Ganon's malice. His powerful glow fails. A light is then freed from his capture that is then sent high into the sky. You sensed the goddess's presence.

There, you see Zelda in her Ceremonial Robes with her hands clasped in a prayer she taught herself how to master. Fear set in Ganon's eyes.

Zelda lowers to the swaying grass field and watches Ganon collapse before her. Her power grows and glows, too much for Ganon to handle. Zelda's sealing power shined around her as Ganon melted back into the storm of malice, deduced back to his form of swirling smoke.

Zelda stood immortal against the force of evil and raised her hand. Her power engulfed the Calamity in a bright, shining globe of light. There is war for a moment before it all stopped and disappeared. 

The sky lay at rest.

You dismount your horse and join Link as you both run to Zelda. But, she was facing away from both of you and didn't turn around. You both slowed down and stopped behind her, words failing you. 

"I've been keeping watch over you all this time..." Zelda says with a voice that is present, not distant. "I've witnessed your struggles to return to us as well as your trials in battle. I always thought-- no, I always believed that you would find a way to defeat Ganon. I never lost faith in either of you over these many years..."

Zelda finally turns around. Her dress was no longer white. Her skin was still covered in dirt. But the sun rested upon her golden hair, giving her a halo around her face that was just as beautiful as before-- if not more. 

"Thank you, Link... (Y/N)..." she was almost crying, "the heroes of Hyrule."

You and Link wanted to say something, but you were both still too stunned.

"May I ask..." Zelda said, "do you really remember me?"

At once, you and Link both drop your weapons and run over to Zelda, throwing your arms around her in a hug. 


You three stand at the gates of Hyrule Castle. The pillars around the castle were shining a harmonious blue. The sun backlit the castle and showed the structure's brilliant silhouette.

Zelda had seen enough. She takes her eyes off of her destroyed home to frown at the ground. You and Link both understand and follow her as she turns around to leave. But, she suddenly stops again and looks back.

You and Link do the same and swear you can see flames of spirits above the castle. But even if they were there, they were now gone.


Ever since you've known about the prophecy and your role, you've been scared that your talent of hearing Hylia's voice was all you were worth. You were scared that you would one day wake up and find you can no longer hear her, which would then make you worthless. That fear was strong enough to manifest itself into a Blight of Ganon's making. 

You defeated the Blight, and you defeated Ganon. You conquered your fears and stared death in its face, and through it all, you still had others beside you despite the fact if you could hear Hylia's voice or not. 

With the prophecy over and nothing more to face, you did in fact find a day when you could no longer hear Hylia's voice. But that's okay. You didn't need her anymore and you were no longer scared. You became the best version of yourself, and Link stood with you through it all. 

Zelda faced a similar loss. She no longer could hear the voice inside the sword, and just like you, she was surprised to find that she could accept that. 

Now, the three of you set off to restore the land that is now free from the evil plague. It will all start at Zora's Domain because there Divine Beast Vah Ruta had stopped working. Zora's Domain was where you started your first journey, and it is where you will begin your next. 

You don't need power to rebuild what was lost. All you need is courage and wisdom. 

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