Rito Village

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You and Link set a course south west towards Rito Village where the next Divine Beast is. The ride on Ginger is fine at first, and then you come across an obstacle: Tanager Canyon.

You jump off of Ginger and near the edge, looking for a bridge in sight. Of course, in your luck, there isn't. 

"Great," you say sarcastically. "We're gonna have to go around." The sun was already low in the sky, and if you didn't get to a settlement soon, you'd have to sleep in shifts again. You really didn't care for facing another Divine Beast quest while you are sleep deprived.

"If we get the tower for this region, we can look for a trail," Link says and turns on the Sheikah Slate. He presses the screen a few times and you walk over to look over his shoulder. 

"Here is Rito Village," Link points to a glowing yellow dot in the far left region. "I'm estimating the canyon runs about... here--" he traces his finger along the path dividing the two regions-- "so heading... this way is our best bet." 

You look directly south where he pointed. "Sounds good to me," you reply. You jump back on Ginger and brush your hair out of your face. "I just really hope we get to the village before nightfall."

"I second that hope."

You smile at his reply and flick the reins of your horse. 


"Well there's the tower," Link states flatly, "and it looks like it sucks."

You look in the direction he was referring to and see the entire base of the tower surrounded by water and electric lizalfos. You bite your cheek as you think of a solution. This looked like a one way ticket to an early death.

'Not needed," a thought crept into your head, influenced by the goddess.

"Maybe we don't need the tower," you say, taking Hylia's wisdom. Link looks at you with a confused expression.

"What do you mean we don't need the tower?" he says. "It's how we get the map. It's how we see where we are going."

"I know," you reason. "But if we... Are we in the same region as the village we're going to?"


"Then we should be fine," you say. "If we continue this main road south, we're bound to find a bridge or something. I mean, it's a village after all. There should be a way for traveling merchants to get there."

"Alright," Link says with a wave of his hands. "Alright, you've convinced me."

"I'll race you there," you say with a sly smile.

Link gives you the same look. "That's a deal."

At once, the both of you flick the reins of your mounts with a cry and start the competition.


Indeed, you were correct. You found Tabantha Stable and the bridge that leads across the canyon. You bring Ginger to a halt, turn around, and jerk your head to the side to get your wind-blown hair out of your face. You watch Link catch up and stop next to you.

"Beat you," you boast.

"Epona doesn't like galloping that long."

"Yeah, sure," you turn away and grin. Behind you, Link gazes at your smile with a strange swooping feeling inside him. 

He really loved your smile. And the fact that he made you react like that...

Now at the last home stretch, you both make the decision to continue onward, estimating you'll be at Rito Village before dark. 

You follow the road west and grab the Tabantha Tower. Now able to see, you follow the path northeast and north before finally stopping and Rito Stable.

You hop off Ginger and observe the grounds of Rito Village. The land was mostly islands of rock suspended over a lake with bridges too narrow for the horses. You make the decision to leave them in the care of the stable.

As you walk along the bridges, you stare at the structures in awe. This is by far the most beautiful place you've seen. The change in architecture was so refreshing.

You see a soldier in patrol ahead of you walking with a spear in hand. You catch up to her, hoping to strike conversation, and you're startled by her appearance. 

"Hello," you greet him, not able to keep your eyes off of her feathers, beak, and tail. 

"Good evening," she says politely, "did you need something?"

"Who are you?" you ask, hoping you don't sound rude. 

"I am Gesane of the Rito," she declares.

"The Rito?" you echo her, feeling stupid. 

"Yes... the Rito of Lake Totori," she says the common knowledge. "Where the men are fine archers and the women better singers. You, being a Hylian, I'm surprised you haven't heard that before. You should visit the village if you get a chance," she says and then keeps walking. You take that as the conversation is over. 

You keep walking across bridge after bridge and then finally make it to the mainland. The ground suddenly shaking forces you to stop in your tracks.

A shrieking call of a bird can be heard distantly above. 

You look up and see the Divine Beast-- your next objective-- flying high above you, turbines whirring, and looking intimidating as ever. You should've expected this, but you have no idea how you will make it up there on the back of a bird

Another Rito soldier guards the gate of the mainland. He looks up and sees you and Link approaching. 

"Are you travelers?" he asks. "I'd like to show you around, but now isn't really a good time. We're not really in a welcoming mood."

You glance at Link, and exchange knowing glances. He's talking about the divine beast. "What's going on?" you ask the Rito anyway.

He looks up, prompting you to do the same. "Do you see that beast in the sky?" he asks. "That's Divine Beast Vah Medoh. It showed up a while back. The Rito warriors who flew up to check it out were shot down. They said it used to be a divine being that protected the village, but it doesn't seem very divine to me. Thankfully, the thing only shoots at anything flying high above the village. But still... It is pretty demoralizing for us Rito to have to fly so low to the ground. Do you have any other questions?"

"No," you shake your head.

"Don't let me keep you," he gives you a nod.

You motion for Link to follow you and then walk past the Rito soldier. You head up a few flights of stairs and come up on the inn.

"At last," you breathe, talking to Link. "We get to rest. What a day, am I right?"

"No, tell me about it. I think I blinked and missed it," he playfully replies. You both chuckle and enter the inn. 

Link pays for the beds and pays extra for you to get a soft bed. Your gaze holds on him as you hear him paying. 

He didn't say anything, like he was embarrassed.

You appreciate the kind gesture and sleep follows you shortly. 

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