Calamity Ganon

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(Ending spoilers ahead! Please don't read these last two chapters until you've completed the game!)

You and Link both step into the sactum and see a massive, swirling bulb of malice. Something inside thrashes as a blinding light begins to glow from the center. You can feel it in your bones that you are currently staring at Zelda's power. She is close. Link feels it too.

"Zelda?" you both eagerly call as you take a step further into the sanctum. 

Zelda's voice answers back, echoing distantly. "...Link. (Y/N)... I'm sorry," she cries, "but my power isn't strong enough..." The light of her power fades back into the orb. "I can't hold him."

Ganon seizes the opportunity and breaks free from the temporary seal. A laser, similar to a guardian's, rips through the barrier and destroys the sanctum floor and walls. All is still until the orb breaks and reveals Calamity Ganon.

Ganon falls in a heap on the sanctum floor and breaks the stone grounding. You and Link both lose your footing as the ground split apart. You reach for each other but end up falling deep under the castle.

You use your paraglider to land on your feet and stand by Link again, facing the calamitous monstrosity. The disgusting heap lifts itself up on its spider legs and turns around to face the two challengers. It's face was human-like with glowing, orange eyes, but it was hideously scarred in malice to be recognized as anything remotely humane. 

It rises off of its front legs and riots a roar, its voice growling deeper than the Blights. Equipped on its many hands was a collection of weapons all of which you've seen before. It was a conglomerate of everything destructive you have defeated so far. Now it is time to put an end to the final boss once and for all. 

Interrupting the fight that hasn't even begun, you and Link can hear familiar voices calling from over yonder. The spirits of the past Champions were gathered at their Divine Beasts.

"Now my moment has finally come," you can hear Revali's voice declare. "Brace yourself, Ganon, for the sting of my revenge!"

"This will be our final opportunity," Mipha's spirit says, "We will not fail!"

"Let's go, little guy, Commander," Daruk's voice booms, "Now! Open up wide, Ganon!"

"A hundred years in the making," Urbosa says, "Hold on, Princess. Our moment has arrived!"

A rumble of a thousand forces erupts towards the castle. You and Link both look up to the gaping opening to the sanctum and see a mass of blue light from the four Divine Beasts barreling towards Ganon. It plummets down and rains onto Ganon, who shrieked helplessly as his health depleted down to half way.

Broad smiles shine on both of your faces. 

But Ganon isn't defeated yet. He rises to his feet again, now madder than ever, and roars a howl of fury twice as loud as before. 

You take a deep breath and glance at Link, who gives you a determined nod. You both reach behind you and unsheathe your swords of legend, both glowing with prophecy. The moment has come.

Link steps forward as the battle began and grabs his Hylian Shield from behind him. In response to his guard, Daruk's Protection shines a force field around him. Ganon raises a blazing blade, a copy of Fireblight's, and takes a swipe at Link. The force shatters Daruk's Protection, and leaves Link unharmed. 

You take out your Ancient Bow while Ganon is focused on Link and fire arrows that landed right on target in Ganon's face. 

Ganon jumps in the air and slams its body down on Link, which splashes its damage down in a radius that almost hit you. Another Daruk's Protection was used to defend Link. 

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