Final Day

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Link leads you down a short path to a small campsite in the shade of an overhanging cliff. Worn blankets can be seen strewn around an unlit fire. Link steadily lets you down on top of a blanket.

He sits down next to you as you let out another groan of pain, hissing through your teeth. You prop yourself up with one arm as the other roughly frees yourself from your equipment's straps. You lie back down again and cry out as you twist yourself just the wrong way.

Link hastily takes off his equipment as well and tugs his tunic over his head, exposing his undershirt. He crumples the tunic up and lightly lifts your head before placing it beneath as a pillow. 

"There," he softly says before reaching in his pockets. "Hold on, I'll get you some food."

"No," you interject and try to hold up a hand. "Save it. Remember Harth?"

"Right..." Link recalls how nothing worked to heal him. Nothing except Mipha's Grace. "Can I take a look?"

"Yeah, just-- be careful."

"I will."

You swallow thickly before taking deep breaths. You close your eyes and try to willpower yourself away from the flaring pain as Link gently rolls up your layers of clothing. After your undershirt, he is able to see the nasty wound on the side of your waist.

The skin was red raw with black charring the edges. Link slightly winces at the sight. He lifts his hand and calls upon Mipha's Grace. His hand begins to glow a soft blue with her power as he hovers it over your burn.

A wonderful cooling sensation washes over you like you were plunged in refreshing cold water. The pain subsides to nothing as the burn mends itself under Mipha's magic. You take a calming deep breath and sigh contently.

As he notices this, Link silently sighs in relief at your calm state. You feel your strength return to you and your muscles relax from tensing. Soon enough, you are able to talk without a great deal of effort. 

"Where are we?" you ask him.

"We're at the Great Plateau. This is where I met King Rhoam disguised as an old man. He would bake apples by this campfire." 

"How did we 'fast travel' here?"

"It's a function on the Sheikah Slate. It can transport to any location that has registered a travel gate."

"A travel gate? What would be here that has a travel gate?"

"The Shrine of Resurrection."

"Is that where we were? Where else has a travel gate?"

"The tech labs and the Divine Beasts."

"When was the Sheikah Slate able to fast travel?"

"It's always been able to."

"You're saying--" you force yourself to prop up on an elbow to look at Link. "You're saying we could've been doing that the entire time?"

"I--" Link scoffs. "I didn't think it would-- That was the first time I've tried it, okay! I didn't think it would work with animals, so I didn't try it earlier because I didn't want to leave our horses behind!"

"Okay, I get it. You're forgiven."

"Forgiven?" Link parrots in offense. "Also, you need to lie down."

"I am lying down."

"No, lie down fully."

"But, why--"

"I don't want you to hurt yourself again. Plus, I'm not done." Link adjusts his seating and uses his free hand to guide you to lie down. This made him end up hovering above you again, which was enough to shut you up. 

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