Akkala Tech Lab

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You and Link set off again midmorning the next day. You follow the main road northeast towards the very top right corner of Hyrule. Eventually, you come across a familiar fork in the road where you made the turn to head to Zora's Domain. Instead of making that turn right, you head left, nearing unmapped territory. 

Soon enough, you make the turn to the main road of Akkala. "Let's get the tower first," Link suggests.

"Good call," you agree and follow him up the roads. 

The tower was surrounded in ruins of a fortress. And just like the promenade, it was deathly silent. You stop your steeds by the entrance of the ruins and climb the stairs together. 

You accompany Link to the top of the tower and stare in wonder at the view. Akkala had trees ablaze in warm colored leaves. The air smelled of post-rain as if it was just pouring before you arrived. 

"'Kay, so, the lab isn't labeled on the map," Link said as he scanned through then new portion of the map. "But I think it's safe to assume it lies at the end of this main road here." You look over his shoulder and see the road of reference. 

"Oh neat, this place has a weird, swirly peninsula. There's no way that's natural."

"Yeah, I wouldn't bet on it," he chuckled. "Oh hey, what's this..." Link zoomed in on a small pond with stone structures around it. "Spring of Power," he read.

"Spring of power?" you echo with recognition. Link looks at your face that had understanding he lacked. "Isn't that the..." You reach over and select the photo album where your eyes then snapped to the ninth picture. "That's the spring in this photo here!"

"How can you be so sure?"

You then remember Link has never seen any of the ancient springs, unlike you. "It looks like the Spring of Courage that I remembered. So if they all look similar..."

"Yeah, makes sense. Should we head there before or after the lab?"

"Before. It's on the way."

But as soon as you descend the tower and ride your horses to the entrance of the spring, you change your minds. The front was guarded by Guardian Skywatchers; Guardians made to fly in the air with an extremely sensitive motion detector. 


"After," you agree to Link's suggestion without hesitation. 

You continue following the path north and pass a stable on the way. It doesn't take long before you are at the front door of the research facility. Link pushes open the door and steps in with your following him shortly after. 

The laboratory was a single, circular room with desks and shelves pushed up against the brick walls. But what immediately caught your eye was a machine of the Sheikah, pulsating with blue light, in the center of the room. You can't tell if it was a coincidence, but the design seemed to loosely resemble a face. No one else looked to be in the building.

You and Link approach the machine and examine it. No other tech you have previously seen looked anything like this one.

"Hey, you!"

You spin around to the direction of the new voice, slightly jumping in alarm. You turn to see a short, elderly man wearing goggles next to a young woman holding a book to her side. 

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