Death Mountain

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"Ah, it's the tiny travelers!" Boss Bludo booms upon seeing your and Link's return. "Yunobo told me all about how you two helped him, brothers. Here's a reward for ya. Hylians like you need this sorta thing, right?"

He holds out a trashcan lid sized palm with three fireproof elixirs inside. "Thank you," you say politely as Link grabs the glass bottles. 

"Okay then," Bludo huffs. "Well, I took my painkillers, so I guess it is time to meet up with Yunobo. I mean no disrespect for Daruk's legacy, but if I'm not here to give that Rudania a good walloping..."

"Daruk?" Link echoes with interest.

"Are ya really telling me you don't know about Daruk?! The Goron Champion?!" The boss shouts like the two of you were across the city. "That statue up there, that's Daruk," he points. You and Link turn around and observe the massive stone carving of a mighty goron. Beside you, Link gasps in recolection.

You quickly turn to him as he stares at the statue with wide eyes for a few leaping seconds before looking straight at the ground. 

"What's gotten into you?" Bluto inquires, brandishing a fist. "Hylians sure are strange. Anyway, Yunobo is actually a descendant of the great Daruk. That's why that slacker can even use Daruk's Protection!" The familiar dub spikes your interest. "He uses it to protect himself when we fire him at Rudania. That's the only way we can chase that blasted beast away. We have no choice because normal cannonballs are no good against him. All right, that's enough outta me. Gotta go drive off Rudania."

Yet again, a sickening cracking is heard from Bluto's back as he grunts in pain. "Are you okay?" you ask him for the second time. 

"Oh yeah, just peachy," he mutters. "Dumb traveler, of course I'm not okay." You furrow your eyebrows at the rude attitude. He groans and starts again, "I'm afraid I won't be goin' anywhere today. I hate to put you on the spot, but could you go tell Yunobo I have to cancel for today? He should be at Eldin Bridge."

Upon hearing the name, Link's Sheikah Slate chimes and lights up. He unhooks the device from his belt and studies to screen, noticing a yellow marker, showing where the unlabeled bridge is. 

The both of you bid the boss farewell and take off in the direction of your next destination. Once you reach just beyond the city, you enter the mountainous terrain of Eldin. Hot lava sludged in waterfalls around the cliffs. Rocks packed and cracked with magma littered the pathway, daring any living passerby's to step on them.

Just up the stone hill, you can see moblins bashing Yunobo's shield of Daruk's Protection with drawn weapons. "Oh no," you mutter and pick up the pace. With Link just behind you, you charge into battle, the moblins noticing you as you approach. You unsheathe your sword and drive it forward, piercing through the tough skin and spraying dark blood on the ground. 

The Moblin pushes through the attack and winds back its weapon, ramming it down on where you were standing seconds ago. You slash at the beast with vigor, but your attempts seemed to barely whither the monster.

You grunt in frustration and pull your sword back, feeling the blade surge with electricity. At full charge, and just before the Moblin crushed you, you threw the blade forward with a spin, releasing the building power with a snap. Urbosa's Fury annihilated the foe.  

Next to you, Link already took care of the other. 

"Wow, you're crazy strong, goro," Yunobo smiled. "You saved me again!"

The weapons that the slain monster dropped catch your eye. You bend down and pick up the stone smasher, observing the details carved into the masonry. The design was so familiar, but you couldn't place your finger on it.

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