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You step out of Lady Impa's house with Link. The both of you walk down the stairs and pass the guards who stare without shame.

"I guess we're stuck together," you start, not knowing how to talk to someone you are convinced you just met, but apparently knew a century ago.

"Seems that way," he agrees and hooks the Sheikah Slate back on his belt. Your eyes meet again before both of you break eye contact at the same time. 'What do I say?', you question.

Thankfully, Link speaks the next words. "Do you want to leave now?" he asks.

"If you don't have a problem with it, I don't either," you shrug. "Where do we go from here?"

Link takes his Sheikah Slate in hand again, opening the map function of the device. "Looks like we'll need to go south and take a right. Beyond that... I don't know. I haven't gotten the tower yet," he mutters more to himself as you both begin walking towards the exit.

"Tower?" you echo in confusion. "What tower?"

"The Sheikah Towers," he says and turns around to walk backwards, looking for something in the distance. "Those things over there," he points to a tall structure dazzled in blue lights. "They give the Sheikah Slate the information for maps."

"Oh, interesting," you muse. "That would be helpful."

"Seriously," Link sighs and faced forward with you, passing under the exit doorways. "Without a map, it's like you're going in blind."

"What is that thing, by the way," you ask, pointing to the tech hanging from his belt. "Sheikah... Slate," you say slowly, hoping you're not getting the name wrong.

"Oh... uhm," he grabs the slate. "I... don't really know a lot about it. I do know that it has a map and four runes. Well, apparently five, but it's incomplete. It was in the Shrine of Resurrection I woke up in. Did you wake up with anything? You were in a shrine too, right?"

"Yeah, I was," you answer. "But, no. Mine was empty. Just one room." Link furrows his eyebrows as he tries to figure out why the two shrines were different.

"That's weird..." he mutters as the path directs you two downhill. "Did you have to do trials when you woke up? Did you meet King Rhoam?"

"What?" you look at him in disbelief. He blinks with an expression clearly saying 'what?' back. "No, I didn't do anything. I woke up minutes before I met you. You met the king?"

"Yeah... I figured-- Sorry, I thought we'd gone through the same thing."

"No, don't apologize. It's just strange." But truthfully, you find the supposed favoritism unjust.

You come across a bridge crossing over a stream. A small sign is positioned right where the road forks. The sign pointing to the left read 'Hateno Village', your destination. Wasting no time, you take the turn with Link following behind you.

But just as you get a clear path, three jelly creatures slug up from the ground. Yellow eyes pop out of their blue, translucent mass making you shiver with disgust. Link groans in frustration beside you and draws a traveler's sword with small crumbs of rust around the base of the blade. "These guys again. Hold on," he tells you.

You watch as he swings the sword in one swift motion across all three of the chuchus, which burst upon impact, spraying jelly around it. You shield yourself with your arms and thankfully, the disgusting substance didn't get on you. Link, on the other hand, was unlucky to get a handful on his worn clothing.

He muttered something under his breath indistinctly as he brushed the jelly off of him, then promptly bent down and picked up the jelly remains, pocketing them. "You collect that stuff?" you ask, trying but failing to not sound judgemental.

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