Great Fairy Fountain

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You and Link exchange glances before you push on the doors entering Impa's house. Inside, you can see her waiting for you, positioned on her usual tall stack of cushions. Impa's granddaughter, carrying a basket of folded laundry while walking up the stairs, stops in her tracks. She bends down to look at the rare visitors and spots Link. Her face erupts in red and she runs upstairs with thumping footsteps.

You and Link briefly look up at the unexplained action before you step closer to Impa.

"So..." the elder starts before you open your mouth, "the swords have been returned to their rightful owners." She eyes the weapons from under her hat as she lifts her head. "Heh, just as I expected of you two. Your swords are your counterparts. So long as those blades are at your sides, you shall wield enormous power."

"The princess risked everything for you two and the sword that seals the darkness. Do not forget that, and do not waste this chance. By the way, how are you faring thus far?"

"We've taken back all the Divine Beasts," you claim and look at Link again.

"I sensed it," Impa says. "Their presence... Daruk, Urbosa, Revali, Mipha. A hundred years ago, I put my life on the line to fight alongside everyone. But, I could not predict this. They died without fulfilling their destinies. I have lived all this time thinking they died in vain. But this energy I feel from their presence..." her wrinkled face spreads in a smile, "it seems they have not given up. I can also sense... that they were all overjoyed to see you again."

'Even Revali, huh?' you think.

"Now you all serve the same purpose!" Impa suddenly says with all seriousness. "Now it is time to attack Calamity Ganon, while he is weak! Hurry to the princess! Go, now! I believe you will find Calamity Ganon in Hyrule Castle. Even with blessings of the Divine Beasts on your side, you must be careful. Calamity Ganon will be well protected."

'The guardians.'

"Be prepared for anything!" she advises.

"We understand," you nod.

You and Link walk back towards the door and open it for the last time. You glance behind you to Impa and see her smile on you. You return it and close the doors behind you.

The sun was starting to set, so it would be ill advised to set off further on your journey. You and Link make a meal to conclude the day and head off to the inn, paying for two beds, and falling asleep.

It was honestly difficult to fall asleep. You stare up at the wooden ceiling, dwelling on the fact that this was one of the last nights before you head off to Ganon. Everything you've done, even before you woke up, all leads up to that one moment of truth.


"What if we added violets to this?"

"Ooh, go ahead. That'll make it even better."

You watch Link add the flowers to the omelets in the cooking station. After a few moments more of cooking, Link flips the eggs over to reveal a perfectly cooked breakfast. Your eyes widen and you can feel your stomach rumbling even more. Next to you, Link grins and subconsciously forms fists in his success.

Once the meal was served, you sat back with Link and ate together. "What's the plan for today?" Link asks you.

"We should steadily be heading north," you say, "but we still don't know where the lab is exactly. We should ask around."

"Yeah..." Link replies without the tone that he was listening. You turn to him and see him staring at something in the center of town.

"What?" you say and try to follow his line of vision.

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