Divine Beast Vah Rudania

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Your paraglider catches you from falling to your death and you land safely on your feet. You heart pounds with adrenaline as Link lets go of your arm and activates the pedestal. 

"What was that?!" you shout with the shock still not over you. "Again?!"

A laugh belonging to a familiar voice answers you. "Wonderful to see your friendly faces again!" Daruk's spirit says. "Long time no see, little guy, Commander. I always knew you'd come back. Y'know, I never stopped believing in you two! You're here to take control of ol' Rudania back from Ganon, eh? Then go ahead and start up the main control unit. Stay focused, my friends!"

"Are you ready?" you ask him as you take out your royal sword.

"Ready," he confirms. You walk over to the main control unit on the center of the beast's back. Link holds the Sheikah Slate up to the pedistal with a death grip in anticipation. Just as the device made contact with the stone, the ground trembles threateningly.

You take a few steps back as the dark mass emerged from the unit. It spiraled higher and plagued the system just like it did 100 years ago. Lines of light streak past you and swarm into a concentrated ball. You turn around and watch the blight form. Its weapons of choice was a short blade of a cleaver and a hand of malice holding licking flames. It throws its head back and screams into the air with a voice bouncing off the volcano's walls.

"Watch yourself now!" Daruk quickly warns. "That ugly pain in the crag is one of Ganon's handiwork. That thing got the best of me 100 years ago. Good luck, my friends! Go get 'em!"

It only took a few seconds to observe the beast was waiting for you to make the first move. You replace your sword with your bow and nock an ice arrow, aim, and fire right in its eye. It falls back, still hovering in the air, but defenseless. 

Link instantly jumps in with his sword and deals damage, slashing the malice guts out of the thing. You join in last minute with your sword, but the blight already jumps back up, forming into a ball of light, and moving to a different location. 

You keep your eyes on it all the while and draw another arrow. The blight throws a hand back and shoots sparks of fire with its pyro hand. You side step out of the way and release the arrow, landing a bullseye again. 

It collapses and lets Link knock its strength down by half already. It gets up and roars in frustration, summoning itself back to the center. You walk to get a clear view on high alert, wondering what magic is going to be conjured this time.

The blight held its fire up to the blade and heat the cleaver to an orange glow, then brandished it in display and shielded itself with a fire orange field around it. 

"Careful now! That flaming ball is dangerous!" Daruk shouts while the boss relocates iself. You ready your arrow and look for an opening. The blight begins sucking in all the hot air around it. The light and heat was of the sun, and it was loading up a monstrous attack.

'What in the hell?!' you think as you subconciously lower your bow. 

'Danger,' Goddess Hylia warns you, 'get to safety.'

Beside you, Link dashes to the center to cover himself with Rudania's arches. He looked behind him, expecting to see you there, but saw you unmoving in the open. His heart completely sank.

"(Y/N)! Move!" 

You snap out of it and look at Link, who realized your adrenaline picked the worst out of fight, flight, or freeze. You pick up a foot to move out of the way just as Link moves to get you. Both of your actions, however, were interrupted by a boom.

The fatal fire hit the ground and shook with the force of a nuclear bomb, right beside you. The shock wave hits you right in the chest and throws you backwards. You tumble on the ground and your hair falls out of the hold on your chopsticks. You skid dangerously close to the edge, but stopped just before you meet your end.

Link swears and takes off in a sprint to you. He grabs your arms and lifts you to your feet. You walk with him to the center, safely shielded by the arches. Your flamebreaker gear and heat protected sapphire circlet prevented the blow from being fatal, but you were just a few units of force away from breaking your bones.

"(Y/N), are you going to be okay?!" Link stares at you trying to move. The heavy armor restricted your efforts and recovery.

"Yeah, I'm fine," you force yourself to say.

 "Hold on, let me get..." he fishes in his pockets for some meals, but finds nothing. His heart sinks further.

"Did we forget to make extra food?" he gapes, then jumped out of the way with you from another attack from Fireblight. 

"I'm fine," you assure him as you are able to lift your arms. "I don't need anything." You grit your teeth through the developing bruises and nock three ice arrows on your bow while blowing hair out of your face. "Try this one out for size, bastard," you growl and release the arrows.

All the arrows did was get sucked into the vortex and become part of the attack. You duck for cover with Link as the ball of fire plummets onto the arches. 

"You're kidding!" you shout and turn to Link. "My arrows are useless, we can't use anything close range, and the coward is too quick in moving to give us an opening!"

"There's gotta be a way," Link thought aloud, casting his eyes on the ground. "The runes. We've used them before when there wasn't any other way."

"There's nothing magnetic nor frozen. Try Stasis, maybe?" 

Link selects the rune and ducks around the arches, thrusting the device upward and activating the rune. The yellow glow on the boss lasts only half a second before it breaks out. "Dammit," Link curses and hides behind the arches again. "No use there. What now?"

A beat passes before you both look at each other. "Bombs," you say in unison.

Link summons a spherical remote bomb as you run to the opposite side of the center, drawing your sword. Just as the boss envokes another vortex, Link lets go of the bomb and watches it get pulled up and into the air, right inside the protective field. He detonates and you both dash in.

The beast collapses again, powerless, as the two of you unleash a fury of attacks. You yell as you use all your strength and defeat the sonofa. 

The blight shrieks in defeat, rolling its head around on its shoulders and oozing malice until it dissipates in a flash of red light.

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