Captured Memories

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You naturally wake up very early the next day. Both Link and the person at the counter is asleep. You pull the covers off of you and stand up to stretch, feeling yourself wake up further. You grab your sword and belts and strapped them back on.

You quietly walk outside and breathe in the sweet air. Morning dew glistened on the grass reflecting the little sunlight that is rising and greeting you good day. You sit down on the steps and relax in the fresh air while waiting for Link to wake up.

When he finally does, you have done a lot of thinking. Lost in thought, you were startled to hear Link say "good morning" behind you in a tired voice.

You got up and turned around, a little embarrassed for jumping. "Oh, good morning," you say.

"Are you ready to head out?" he asks you, to which you nod.

Both of you make your way up the steep hills that leads up to a large building the guard pointed to. You reach the research lab and open the doors with a Sheikah Eye painted on it. Inside you see many instruments and scientific wares you have never seen before. Near the middle of the room was a small girl standing on a wooden stool. Upon seeing your entry, her eyes lit up tremendously. 

Both you and Link walk over to the girl who quickly composed herself in an act.

"Hello," she says with a very young voice. "This is the Hateno Tech Lab. Do you have some business with the director?"

You nod, "That's right." 

"The director is in the back," she says and motions to a Sheikah searching through a bookshelf. "A terribly busy person that one. Please try and keep it brief." You nod and walk over to him with Link following you closely behind. You were a little bit confused, as the guard mentioned the scientist here was a woman.

"Hello," the Sheikah says, not taking his eyes off of arranging the books. "I imagine you have never seen so many books in one place. Pretty incredible, isn't it? We've gathered all of Hyrule's known literature on ancient civilizations here. As for the actual number of books, well..." He then turns notices Link standing behind you, eyes steadily widening. "Is that... Is that a-- That thing on your waist? Is that a Sheikah... There is no mistaking it. That is a real Sheikah Slate, isn't it?!" he marvels.

Link nods, prompting the director to take a closer look. You step aside to not get in the way.

"I've never seen one in person! If you could just show me the runes on it, that would be most appreciative," he speaks in fast tones. Link gets out the Sheikah Slate and selects a screen displaying the runes before showing it to the Sheikah.

"There is Stasis, Magnesis, Remote bombs, and Cryonis," Link lists and shows the man the screen. He stares at it in wonder. 

"And what else... Let's see," he mutters under his breath. "So thats it for the runes but... Strange, it doesn't seem that you have the basic runes. I don't understand why they are missing. There must be some reason... Ah! Where are my manners, I forgot to introduce myself!" he says. "My name is Symin. You are... Link right?"

"You know my name?" Link asks suspiciously.

"Lady Impa caught me up to speed. You see... we were told 'A young man holding a Sheikah Slate will appear. And you must do all you can to help him. They will be the hope that awakens from the Slumber of Restoration. His name will be Link... She didn't give me your name though..." he prompts you.

"(Y/N)," you say. His eyes widen once again.

"You're General (Y/N)?!" he exclaims. "A real pleasure to meet you. I never thought I would be in the presence of the Royal Prophet!" It was then your turn to look surprised, especially when he double gasped out of nowhere. 

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