Blood Moon

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Dark red embers fluttered in the air accompanied by the smell of smoke from burning buildings. Hyrule was bedeviled in chaos and destruction as the calamity took control of the land.

(Y/N) desperately ran through Central Hyrule, heading straight for the plagued castle shrouded in malice. Guardians blazing red lights destroyed the world around, blinded by the virus inside them. 

'Turn back', a voice that was not (Y/N)'s said inside their head. 'Turn back, (Y/N). It's too late.'

"It is not too late," the commander yelled in response, deep in denial. "There are people still in there."

'No, (Y/N), no one is left waiting for you', the voice urged. 'You must head to Kakariko. Leave before you meet your end.'

"I can't, my goddess!" (Y/N)'s voice broke as a sob was held back, ignoring the voice for the first time. (Y/N) leapt up the steps of the Sacred Ground, nearly at the gates of the castle.

The ground beneath shook in an earthquake and knocked the general on their back. (Y/N) focused and watched a dark mass unearthing itself from the stone ground. (Y/N) mustered strength and stood up, drawing the Royal Enhanced Broadsword.

(Y/N) watched the malice twist and contort itself into a monster of Ganon's making. It twitched with sickening sounds that drowned out the goddess in (Y/N)'s head begging to leave. One hand transformed into a gargantuan of a sword with a blade vibrating with the anticipation to kill. 

Both armed opponents raised their blades and began their fight to the death.


You sit bolt upright in the bed at Kakariko Village. Cold sweat drenches the sheets around you. You cover your mouth with your hand as you pant heavily with a racing heart.

"Darkblight Ganon..." you whisper the name.

That dream was real. It was too vivid and too sensory to be fiction. You knew that was another memory you had lost. The very memory that was your last before you were taken to sleep for 100 years.

'That voice,' you think, 'was that the Goddess Hylia? Why can't I hear her now?'

You look around to make sure you were safe outside of dreamland as well. You can see the man at the counter fast asleep with crossed arms. Link lay on the bed next to yours with covers crinkled and bundled over his shoulders.

You slowly slip out of bed as quietly as you can, careful to not wake the sleeping hylians. You tug on your hood and step in your boots before heading outside. You closed the door slowly and cringed as it squeaked loudly. You freeze in your tracks and peer inside, thankful to see you didn't wake neither Link nor the worker.

You stretch and look around. The whole world seemed to be still and quiet, all except the nocturnal bugs in the ambiance. You roll your neck on your shoulders and take deep breaths, feeling the air around you that was real and present, and not 100 years ago.

You are here, and you are safe.

Your eyes snap open as the all too familiar smell of smoke and malice fills your nose. Your eyes widen as you see red embers hovering in the air around you. You look straight up and see the full moon alive with a furious red aura.

You gasp deeply and fill your lungs with the taint in the air. You reach behind your back to draw your sword but feel nothing but air where your handle should be. You glance behind you and see you didn't grab your weapons that were still in the inn.

You look up again and stare transfixed at the palette of crimson. The color spreads to the clouds and turns time violently on them, streaking them across the sky.  

As soon as the moon of blood reached its peak, you are able to hear whispering in your head. You strain yourself to listen. "...(Y/N)..." it called. You recognized it to be Zelda's

 "(Y/N). Be on your guard," she warns. You can hear a monstrous, inhuman shriek from distant behind you in the direction of Hyrule Castle. "Ganon's power grows... it rises to its peak under the hour of the blood moon. By its glow, the aimless spirits of monsters slain in the name of the light return to flesh. (Y/N)... please be careful."

You see the glow from the moon subside and it shrinks back to its blissful white. 

Outside of the safety in the village, monsters rise from the dead that you've previously killed yourself. The entire path to Zora's Domain becomes crawling with Lizalfos yet again. 

You press a hand to your head in attempt to mute a headache. "Why does this have to happen," you whisper to yourself. You look up again to have your gaze meet with Impa's house. 

'Impa should know...' you think with a sudden impulse to knock on her door. 'But she's sleeping. That would be rude...'

You look back at the house. 'But I want to know.'

You give in and begin walking.


"Impa?" you call as you open the door to her house. You see her sitting on the cushions in front of you. She opens her eyes and tilts her head up to reveal her face underneath the giant hat with swaying metal ornaments. 

"Now what might you be doing out so late... and on a dangerous night at that?" she graveled.

"I..." you begin, "I remember. That day of the calamity. Just beyond Hyrule Castle... Ganon... made a blight for me."

"Hmm," Impa sighs, "I knew I once have to tell you." You look up with interest. "When Calamity Ganon returned, you were nowhere to be found. Only after the Sheikah found Link and the Princess were they able to locate you after Princess Zelda said you headed to Hyrule Castle despite everyone's wishes. You were found in the ruins of the Sacred Ground, nearly lost forever."

Impa pauses and the realization sinks in like a stone in water.

"Princess Zelda's last request was to place you and Link into the Slumber of Restoration in the two Shrines of Resurrection. As for the other Champions," she sighed, "it was too late for them."

"My weapon," you say, "the sword... it was enhanced somehow, is that right?" you ask the elder. The words were hard to believe but you knew as you spoke that they were fact.

"That is correct," Impa nods. "Both your and Link's swords are hidden in separate forests north of Hyrule Castle. Link's, which held the power to seal the darkness, was placed in the Korok Forest by the princess, but yours was stolen. It is in the depths of Typhlo Ruins, a forest that Ganon cursed so any visitors would be blind to a path. It will take great efforts to earn it back. As will the Master Sword. Both quests require a trial of strength. Your weapon is arguably more difficult to attain," she chuckled. 

You furrow your eyebrows in confusion. "I don't understand," you confess. "I get why the Master Sword would be hidden, but why my own?"

"Your sword," she explains, "just like the Master Sword, was a gift from the Goddess, Hylia. It is a relic that was strengthened with the goddess' touch. When you wield it, your skills and insight from the goddess are raised tenfold. It is also a key puzzle piece to the finale of your quest. I shan't say anymore than that."

"I guess that explains some things," you mutter with volumes just above a whisper. "I was able to hear the Goddess' voice in my head before the calamity, but I haven't heard a thing since I woke up."

You bite your cheek as you think. "Don't look so doubtful. After all, you are General (Y/N), head of the Royal Guard. Your abilities are still within you. All you have to do is look for them." She points a bony finger at your clothing. "That brooch, it was a gift to you by a fierce Sheikah warrior and musician 100 years ago. I suggest you hold onto it."

You look down and hold the pin in your hand and remember the mysterious character who gave it to you. You remember how he meant a lot to you, but your memory fails from there. 

"Now, off to bed with you. Your quest is far from over," Impa says maternally. You nod and head out the door.

"Thank you, Impa," you sincerely say, and leave.

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