10,000 year old legend

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You arrive to a beautiful sight of houses and lanterns and ornaments strung from rope tied to tall poles. You take a second and take in the view. One house in particular stands out among the rest to your left. Guards with spears stand at the gates. You draw a conclusion that this must be the leader's house.

You head down the path. A small child runs past you laughing. You pass a man using a stick like a sword, swinging it in the air. Another is painting a picture of the tall house.

You walk to the building, but the guards stop you threateningly. 

"You there! Who are you?! How dare you trespass upon Lady Impa's abode!" he yells accusatorially.

"I... uh--" you panic, not wanting to say the wrong thing. "I came here from... up there," you point in the direction of the shrine up the cliffs, "and I was told to come here... by a voice." You listen to your own words, realizing that no one would believe you. The guards freeze and glance at each other with disbelief spreading on their faces.

"But that would mean that you are... Can it be?" The guards relax and straighten up. "Please forgive us for behaving so rudely. Of course we have heard the legends from Lady Impa herself. Please friend, go ahead and step inside." They stand aside to let you through. For a second you stood there puzzled. 'What are they talking about? Legends?'

You walk up the stairs and stand at the doors. You take a breath in, and open the doors.

You see Lady Impa sitting on a pile of cushions. She is a small, elderly woman balancing a massive and heavy hat upon her head. A Hylian stands in front of her. He looks back at you and your eyes meet. You both gaze for a few seconds before he breaks eye contact.  

"On the same day," Lady Impa muses with an aged and trembling voice, "The goddess must be looking out for us.  Its been quite a long time (Y/N). I'm much older now, but you remember me, don't you?"

You open your mouth to reply but realize you didn't know what you wanted to say. You close it and cast your eyes on the wooded floor, trying to remember, but finding nothing. You frown and stay silent. 

"Ah... I see, both of you have lost your memories. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. Dearest (Y/N), please come a bit closer," the elder requests. You stepped closer so you are right next to the other Hylian. 

Lady Impa laughs and pats her knee. "It is a reunion! (Y/N), please meet the Champion Link. He was Princess Zelda's appointed knight. And Link, this is General (Y/N), the head of Hyrule's royal guard." You and Link exchange looks of confusion. "A hundred years ago, the kingdom fell. After both of you collapsed, Princess Zelda's final wish was to place you in a sacred slumber. And then... All alone... Alone she went to face Ganon. Before Princess Zelda went to nobly meet her fate... she entrusted me with some words she wished to say to you two. I have been waiting 100 years to deliver the Princess's message. Since you have lost your memory, I will recount to you all that has happened." 

She motions to the scroll on the wall behind her and explains the 10,000 year old legend. Legend says a knight, a princess, and their guide was bound to a curse to defeat an ancient evil time and time again as they reincarnate. While you listen to Impa's story, you glance at Link and accidentally stare. His hair is tied back to reveal blue rings for earrings, the same color as his eyes. 'Woah...' 

"A hundred years ago... in preparation for the retold revival of Ganon, we strove to follow the lead of our ancestors of 10,000 years prior. But... In the end... Despite our efforts and careful planning, we underestimated his power. In order to avoid making that same mistake again, the princess left you these words..." She paused for dramatic effect. "Free the four Divine Beasts!" she announces. "That is what she said."

"Four Divine Beasts?" Link repeats, puzzled.

You blink and look at him again. For some unexplainable reason, you didn't expect him to talk.

"The four Divine Beasts are the ancient Sheikah weapons wielded by four champions which Ganon defeated," Impa explained. "The Divine Beast Vah Rudania, controlled by Daruk of the Gorons. The Divine Beast Vah Medoh, controlled by Revali of the Rito. Divine Beast Vah Ruta, controlled by Mipha of the Zora, and the Divine Beast Vah Naboris, controlled by Urbosa of the Gerudo. It would be extremely ill-advised to face Ganon without the power of the Divine Beasts to help you. You must infiltrate the Divine Beasts that were stolen away by Ganon 100 years ago and bring them back to our side. More information about these Divine Beasts can be found by locating the four races scattered across Hyrule."

A sudden chime cut the silence. You look around and see Link grab his Sheikah Slate and stare at the screen. You walk over and look over his shoulder at the map. Several bits of the map remained black and incomplete. Four markers glowed on the screen where the four races are located. 

"The Sheikah Slate will guide you on your way. You must go where it tells you and meet with each leader there. It seems to me that your Sheikah Slate is not yet complete," she tells Link. "The device Princess Zelda gave you is your guide and also your memory. Now lets see... Someone at Hateno Village might be able to help you."

"Hateno Village?" Link echoed. Another marker appeared on his map at his words.

"The location shining on the eastern edge is Hateno Village," Lady Impa informs. "It is a small village. One of the very few places that avoided suffering significant damage during the great calamity." She pauses and sighs, eyes to the floor. "You both are Princess Zelda's only hope, and Hyrule's as well. You can not turn back now! Follow your heart and seize your destiny!"

You look at Link and you both nod knowingly. You turn around and leave with him.

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