Mipha's Grace

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Link walks over to the Sheikah Stone on the platform. He holds up the Sheikah Slate to it and the stone lights up blue. The platform beneath you begins to light up blue, causing you to gasp. You realize you are standing on a Sheikah Eye with ancient writing written around it in a circle; a teleportation platform.

Link turns to you with a determined look.

"You're here," you a familiar voice say. You look all around you, but no one is there. "I must say... that I am so happy to see this day has finally arrived," Mipha's voice says. "Now Ruta can be freed from Ganon's control." You look at Link and give him a confused look. He looks just as puzzled as you are at the disembodied voice.

"Take Ruta back by activating the main control unit. Be on your guard," Mipha tells you.

"Let's go," you say. Link follows you to the entrance, but you are blocked with an ugly sight. A single yellow eye stands before you, surrounded by black and red gush. You take out your bow and shoot the eye. It lets out a shriek and disappears, along with the goo, into a cloud of smoke. 

You walk into the Divine Beast's dungeons and an odd burning smell fills your nose. A combination of smoke and red embers fill the room around you. You then hear a sound of machinery chime. You look to see a Guardian Scout just ahead of you with an eye lighting up blue and stone blazing red. Its eye starts glowing white while winding up for an attack.

It blasts a ray of light toward you. Before you could think, Link jumps out in front of you with his wooden shield and deflects the light with a parry. The ray is shot right back in the direction of the scout and it burst into a heap of smoke. 

You notice an entrance to a large hall. You walk in and see the control unit. It glows a mysterious amber in the room that is flooded with water. You wade over to the unit beside Link. He grabs the slate and taps it against the stone to scan it and take back Ruta.

You fall backward as a swirl of black corruption exhales out of the stone and shakes the ground. Link grabs your hand and helps you up. Together, you run backward facing the mass of darkness on unexpectedly needed high alert. 

It swirls all around the stone. Blue light zips past you and Link. Your gaze follows it behind you. You watch as the light spirals into a sphere. It branches into an arm that wields a mammoth of a spear and the other arm generates with hideous claws. A face emerges from the blue with one furious blue eye. 

It stretches back and gives an ear-splitting shriek. You and Link flinch and grab your weapons.

"Please take care," you hear Mipha call out again. "That... thing is one of Ganon's creations. I put up as much of a fight as I could, but it proved to be my demise 100 years ago..." The creature twitches with an ugly slush sound. Link steps forward with a determined look. "Regardless, I believe you are well prepared for this moment. I have faith in you!"

Waterblight Ganon swings its sword and lets out another gurgling roar. It readies its spear and threw it straight at you. You gasped and jumped out of the way just as the spear stakes the stone ground. 

The spear disappeared next to you and regenerated in its hands. You steady yourself and start running at it. It tilted the spear and went in for a horizontal slash. You jump over it with Link along side you. Before you had the chance to think, your body moved and took the opening as an opportunity.  

You deal heaping damage with all the strength you mustered. You bring the blade over your head and did one final slash, causing it to fall limp to the ground. Link sprints over and charged up and attack with his sword and throws the blade forward at full charge

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